Today for the first time, ordinary citizens will knock alone in space, know the untouched aspects of space travel

Today for the first time, ordinary citizens will knock alone in space, know the untouched aspects of space travel

For the first time in the world, a spacecraft carrying common citizens is about to be launched into Earth orbit. After five months of training, the general public will leave for space on Wednesday on a Falcon 9 rocket aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon. This mission will be launched from the launch center of the US space agency NASA. This is the company's completely private human spaceflight. Jared Isaacman rents the Crew Dragon capsule directly from the rocket company. Isaacman has not disclosed how much has been spent in this mission. However, he pointed out that the total cost came to less than $200 million.

355 miles above earth

Isaacman has decided to fly for three days and go 355 miles above the ground. After the year 2009, no human has traveled to this distance in space. Then the astronauts visited the Hubble Space Telescope. The spacecraft will orbit Earth, but will not post to the space station. This group will go to a higher altitude than the International Space Station and will take a view of the view for three days. During this time experiments in space will also be done. Apart from Iskman, Physician Haley Arsena, Air Force Engineer Chris Sambroski and Scientist Dr. Sion Practor will also go in this space journey. It is being told in the reports that the bathroom of this spaceship will be on the terrace. There will also be a great view from here. Where this bathroom will be, it will also have a glass dome on it, which is named Cupola. 

What is space tourism
  • Travel from earth to space is called space tourism. In this, the view of space is shown to the passengers from inside the spacecraft itself. From there the earth is visible below. During this, due to the lack of gravity, the passengers remain in the air inside the plane. Before the tour, the passengers are given proper training in this. The company's trend crew members will always be there to help.
  • Passengers have been pre-booked to take Virgin Galactic to space. The company will make these people travel to space. In the first trip after the commercial launch, the company's owner Richard Brenson will go on a trip with his two sons. Apart from Virgin Galactic, 50 other companies are also working towards this. Amazon Group's Blue Origin, Space Adventures, SpaceX, Kosmokers, Roscosmos and Axiom Space are prominent among them. According to Virgin Galactic, this trip will start with two air planes.
  • At an altitude of 50 thousand feet, an aircraft will fly away from the original plane going into space. From here this plane will reach space in just 60 seconds. After going into space, the plane will turn upside down, so that the passengers sitting inside will be able to see the earth from the window made in the plane and enjoy being in space. This trip with two pilots and six passengers will be of total 90 minutes. Virgin Galactic has earmarked 2.5 lakh dollars i.e. about Rs 1.75 crore for this.
  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's company Blue Origin has launched its commercial flight. According to reports, its tickets are worth 2 to 3 lakh dollars i.e. 1.40 to 2.10 crores. In future, this expenditure can come down to 40 to 50 thousand dollars i.e. about 27 to 34 lakh rupees.
  • Anyone who is physically fit can travel to the space. It is very important to be physically strong for space travel. The first 24 hours of the journey are very challenging. Along with being nervous while traveling, there is also dizziness. After returning to earth again, you feel very heavy. So far only seven people have traveled to space as tourists. On April 28, 2001, 60-year-old American businessman Dennis Tito was the first person to spend 8 days in space as a tourist for the first time.

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