Understand the chemistry of Indo-US relations in the Biden era in 5 points, why India is more important to the US than Pakistan

Understand the chemistry of Indo-US relations in the Biden era in 5 points, why India is more important to the US than Pakistan

Joe Biden became the new President of America after the US presidential election. At that time also the question arose as to what kind of relationship would be between the Biden administration and India. This debate was also important because there was a deep friendship between former President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The benefits of this friendship were also seen in the relationship between America and India. Therefore, after the withdrawal of Trump, the question was bound to arise whether India-US relations would remain as cordial as before. Today, when Biden and Modi met for the first time, these questions are being raised. Where are the foundations of the relationship between the two countries? Does India need America today? How will the relationship between America and India be? Let us know the opinion of the expert.

1- Big change in Indo-US relations after liberalization

Pro. Harsh V Pant says that after liberalization in the country, there has been a big change in Indo-US relations. That is, after the 1990s, a new dimension has been added to the relationship between the two countries. The relationship between the US and India is fundamentally based on mutual trust and benefits. In the Biden era, this relationship would be even better. He said this was indicated by Biden during the presidential election itself. In terms of India, Biden is more liberal than his predecessor Trump in some respects. He made it clear during the election campaign that he would lift the temporary suspension of H-1 visas imposed by Trump. Pro. Pant said it was a sign that if Biden wins the election, his relations with India will continue to improve. He insisted that Biden would be better for India.

2- Biden's experience will come in handy during Obama's tenure

Pro. Pant said that even if President Biden is not too keen on enhancing personal ties, which Prime Minister Modi likes. Biden gives more importance to the relationship between the two countries. In his view, the relationship of the government to the government is more important. He said Biden has had the experience of working with Obama twice as vice-president. This gives Biden the ability to build stable and mature relationships with his allies and other countries around the world. India and America have had cordial relations during Obama's tenure. Its impact is starting to show in Biden's tenure. He said that the personal meeting of the two leaders proves that the relations between the two countries will be cordial. Pro. Pant says that Indo-US relations have remained cordial under the Democratic regime. At the time of the presidential election, it was also said that Prime Minister Modi's close ties with former President Barack Obama could play an important role in foreign policy during Biden's tenure, which has a policy of working closely with other friendly countries, including India.

3- Even in the Biden era, the relations between the two countries will remain cordial.

Pro. Pant said that the warmth with which the two leaders met in the White House of America and the topics on which it was proved that the cordiality in the relations between the two countries will continue. Like former President Trump, Biden will also stand with India on many issues like the removal of Article 370 in India, terrorist activities sponsored by Pakistan, in the case of China and security. Biden is constantly indicating with his policies that America is standing with India against China. However, Biden's policy towards China is not as aggressive as Trump's. In such a situation, it can be expected that Biden too will not deviate from the set principles of US foreign policy.

4- America admits, nurture terrorism in Pakistan

During the US presidential election, it was expected that Biden could give a new dimension to relations with Pakistan. But in the nine months since he was sworn in, this view has changed a lot. After the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the way Pakistan has helped the Taliban has exposed Pakistan. It has been proved by India that terrorism is being nurtured in Pakistan. In such a situation, it can be expected that the Biden administration can put pressure on Pakistan to stop terrorist activities against India. Prof Pant said that this was clearly visible in the talks between Vice President Kamala Harris and Modi. Harris has lashed out at Pakistan for terrorism.

5- Biden laid the foundation of relations between the two countries

Pro. Pant said that the way Biden has shed light on the shared values ​​of the two countries, its indications are deep. However, during this time Biden did not mention the trade going on between the two countries. He said the US-India partnership is rooted in democratic values. Biden said that we have a joint partnership to uphold democratic values. He said that our joint commitment to the diversity of both countries and the family ties of the 4 million Indo-American peoples that make America stronger every day. In talks with Modi, Biden said that the US-India relationship has the power to solve the world's formidable challenges. He reminded Modi that in 2006 he had said that India-US relations in 2020 will be one of the two closest countries in the world. It is a clear indication that the ties between the two countries will remain cordial.  

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