Was China's 'trailer' blacked out in Mumbai? China did cyber attack on India

Was China's 'trailer' blacked out in Mumbai? China did cyber attack on India

There has been a big disclosure about China. It is being told that during the Battle of Ladakh, the dragon conspired to plunge India into darkness. Know what was this conspiracy - On that day in Mumbai (Mumbai), the financial capital of the country, local trains were suddenly stopped, traffic signals were stopped and there was darkness in the hospitals. The date was 12 October 2020, when the entire Mumbai city was lighted and 2 crore people were immersed in darkness. The stock market was also stalled and generators were run in hospitals to keep the ventilators running, as the corona in Mumbai was at its peak at that time.

After two hours of hard work, the power supply could start again in Mumbai, which never stopped, but now four months later, it has been revealed that the Mumbai Black Out was a conspiracy of China. It was the anger of the dragon to beat India in Galvan. This black out in Mumbai was the result of the Cyber ​​Attack of China.

According to a New York Times report, these incidents were part of a major cyber campaign in China aimed at stalling India's power grid. Not only this, China had even planned that if India creates pressure in Galwan, then it will plunge the entire country into darkness.

China prepared a malware virus

The Chinese cyber attack was revealed by the American cyber firm Recorded Future. According to this report, China had prepared a malware virus named Shadow Pad to halt power supply in India. These malware viruses have penetrated the power supply control system in India. It also included high voltage transmission sub-stations and thermal power plants.

However, the company also found that most malware was never activated. The operating officer of the American cyber firm Recorded Future said that Chinese company Red Echo had tried to secretly control about a dozen power grids in India by resorting to the advanced technology of cyber attack.

Now know the names of those dozen power grid companies-

First- Power System Operation Corporeshn Ltd.
Second NTPC Ltd.
Third NTPC Kudgi power plant
four Regional Load Dispatch Center, the Western, Southern, North Eastern and Eastern Regional loaded to Chinese cyber attacks on the dispatch center. A cyber attack was attempted on the Telangana State Load Dispatch Center and the Delhi State Load Dispatch Center.

Apart from this, attempts were also made to attack Chinese Malware Virus shadow pads at Delhi Transco Ltd's DTL Tikri Kalan (Mundka) Sub Station, VO Chidambaranar Port and Mumbai Port Trust. Actually, it was the result of a big Chinese cyber campaign against India's power grid. According to this US report, an army of Chinese hackers had cyber-attacked 40,500 times on India's power grid, IT companies and banking sectors within just five days in October.

The first Rosa to be held in Saudi on April 13, the imperative of covering the restaurant curtain during Ramadan in Dubai is over

The first Rosa to be held in Saudi on April 13, the imperative of covering the restaurant curtain during Ramadan in Dubai is over

Dubai: Ramadan month is very important for Muslim society. The holy month of Ramadan begins after the moon is seen all over the world. Meanwhile, Gulf News has reported that the moon was not seen in Saudi Arabia on Sunday 11 April, so there will be the first Rosa on 13 April. The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia had appealed to the people to see the moon of Ramadan, but the moon could not be seen anywhere, in such a situation, it has been announced by the Saudi Supreme Court that the moon could not be seen anywhere in the country on Sunday. Hence, the first Rosa will be on 13 April. According to experts, on 13 April, the month of Ramadan is probably starting from 13 April 2021 in other countries of the world.

On the other hand, steps have been taken to close the long-standing imperative in Dubai that required all restaurants to be covered with curtains during daytime during Ramadan so that the food items could be removed from the eyes of the fasting people. Stay The economic development department here announced the move on Sunday with a view to promoting tourism. Government news agency WAM said, "Restaurants will be able to serve food to customers without putting curtains on it."

Earlier it was mandatory to put curtains. "It said," This new order will replace those orders issued in earlier years which required covering of catering parts for the fasting of the people. " Under the rules, restaurants will no longer need to obtain special permits to serve food during the day. In the Arab countries of the Gulf, fines are imposed on eating and drinking in public during Ramadan, and a person doing so can also get caught in legal issues. However Dubai is changing the rules to promote tourism.