Won't allow terrorists to attack other countries from Afghanistan: Taliban

Won't allow terrorists to attack other countries from Afghanistan: Taliban

The new Taliban government of Afghanistan will not allow terrorists to use their country's soil to attack any other country. Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki in the Taliban government said on Tuesday that the government was keeping its promise. This is the first time that a minister in the Taliban government has formally said this.

Taliban Foreign Minister's first press conference 

This was Muttaki's first press conference a week after the Taliban formed an interim government. Muttaki did not specify a time frame on how long the interim government would last or whether other factions, minorities or women would be included in the government. Along with other countries of the world, the people of Afghanistan are eyeing what kind of government the Taliban run in their second term. However, it has already announced the implementation of Sharia law.

Other countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan

In its first term between 1996-2001, the Taliban implemented strict Sharia law. The education of older girls was banned and women were prohibited from leaving the house alone. Asked about the possibility of elections, Muttaki demanded that other countries not interfere in Afghanistan's internal issues.

Under a deal with the US last year, the Taliban promised to break ties with al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and ensure they would not allow their territory to pose any threat to other countries. When asked about the agreement, Muttaki said, "We will not allow any individual or any group to use our land against any other country."

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