After all, why bananas are worshiped in Manglik works

After all, why bananas are worshiped in Manglik works
By the way, God lives in every particle. Tree plants are also considered venerable in our country. Many trees and plants are like this. There is some legend behind them. One of these is banana. Banana fruits, stem and leaves are used in many ways in our Puja Vidhan.
Banana is a symbol of purity:
Banana is a symbol of auspiciousness and purity. In the banana tree, Devguru is the abode of Jupiter. According to the scriptures, worshiping bananas on a regular basis on seven Thursdays fulfills the desires. Banana plant is considered very sacred in Hinduism and it is used for many religious purposes. 
Banana worship in Manglik works:
You would not know why it is worshiped in every mangal work. So we tell you why it is worshiped. According to the Puranas, it is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in the banana tree. This is why the banana tree is worshiped on Thursday.
This is why bananas are worshiped:
# If the banana tree is worshiped with rituals and devotion, then God is pleased and the devotees get the blessings of happiness, prosperity and peace. Banana tree is considered auspicious and a symbol of prosperity.
# The sanctity of banana can also be gauged from the fact that in olden times, papad etc. were made for fasting only from the water extracted from its stem.
# According to the scriptures, it is believed that worshiping bananas also eliminates Guru Dosha. Therefore, worshiping banana at home gives good results.

Astrology tips: How to eat in plates, get benefits, know

Astrology tips: How to eat in plates, get benefits, know
Steel utensils are used in a house and aluminum utensils are used in any house and food is eaten in fives or plastic at weddings, or in any parties. Do you know in which and what plates you can benefit from eating, so let us tell you which plate will benefit from eating in which plate.
Special importance of utensils in food:
# Eating in banana plate is considered auspicious. In ancient times, people used to eat in the plate itself, eating food in the plate removes stomach related diseases. Poisonous substances are destroyed by the body.
# Eating food in an iron pot eliminates harmful elements in the body and increases the amount of iron in the body; digestive processes related problems are eliminated. 
# Eating cooked in an earthen pot relieves health concerns, and food cooked in an earthen pot is very tasty and nutritious. 
# If you like to eat in an expensive vessel, then you can eat in a silver vessel. Silver is considered a cold metal, so eating in a silver vessel keeps the body cool and eyes healthy.
# By eating food in bronze vessel, the brain becomes sharp, blood bile remains fine. The use of brass and beautiful utensils and the offering of Lord Vishnu to them is always a blessing in the house.

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