Burn yellow mustard and frankincense to relieve pain at home

Burn yellow mustard and frankincense to relieve pain at home
Human beings take many measures to bring happiness and prosperity in the house, but due to lack of the right information, these measures are never successful, but we are going to tell you some measures which will always bring happiness in your home. And prosperity continues and at the same time it is very easy to do them. 
Do these remedies for peace and happiness at home:
# If you want to remove the lack of money from life, then for this, whoever is the eldest person in your house, wear yellow clothes on Thursday. Now all the family members should give a little rice and a little bit of ghee to that person. Keep this collected rice and ghee in your home temple. 
# There are always fights in the house, so burn yellow mustard and frankincense together to remove it. Show the smoke that comes out of it in the whole house. Doing so increases the love between family members.
# Regularly place water and grains in a vessel for birds on your roof. By doing this, positive energy always remains in your house and at the same time it removes money related obstacles.
# To remove Vastu Dosha of your house, mix vermilion and ghee in a little turmeric and apply tilak five times. 
# After getting up every morning in the morning, sprinkle water with a copper vessel at the main door of your house. By doing this, the Vastu defects of your house will be removed.

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions
Nowadays people wear many types of rattan and pearls to avoid home condition. People affected by Ketu planet can change their fate by wearing which gemstone. But we are going to tell you about a gem that is effective in all three conditions. 
Benefits of wearing garlic: 
# The garlic stakes represent the planet Ketu, so by wearing garlic, all the defects caused by Ketu are pacified. This gemstone Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn also show their special influence in the condition of all three.
# Wearing garlic gives strength, strength, power, wealth, happiness, joy, son. It relieves mental troubles, physical debility, grief, poverty, ghosts.
# If garlic favors, wealth increases rapidly in wealth. It also protects against accidental accident.
# This gem is also airy and gall destroyer. Wearing it does not cause nightmares in the night, by wearing it, it gives relief in the inflammation of the stomach and respiratory tract.