From natural freshener to decoration, how to use coffee

From natural freshener to decoration, how to use coffee

Many people start their day by drinking coffee. This gives them energy and makes them feel fresh. But usually coffee powder is used to make it. But if we talk about coffee beans, then you can use it in many of your everyday tasks. Yes, the nitrogen content in coffee beans is high. In such a situation, you can use it for gardening, cleaning utensils etc. So let's know about its amazing benefits...

natural freshener

The aroma of coffee is very strong. In such a situation, you can use coffee as a natural freshener to remove dampness, garbage, strong smell of garlic-onion in the house. For this, make coffee beans or its powder and keep it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then keep that bowl in the kitchen, garden, room or wherever you want to keep it. You can also keep it wrapped in some paper. This will remove some of the smell in that place and slowly the aroma of coffee will come.

act as fertilizer in plants
Coffee is considered as the best fertilizer for plants. It has high nitrogen content. In this case, you can put it in your plants. For this, dig up the soil around the plant. Then put 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee beans in it and press it. Also, use ground coffee beans instead of coffee powder available from the market. You can mix it in the soil of any plant like rose, marigold etc.

use for decoration
You can also use coffee beans for decoration. You can use it to make flower pots, books, candle holders etc. Apart from this, putting some coffee beans in a glass vessel or glass and placing a candle on top is also the best option. 

Useful in repelling insects and mosquitoes

It may sound a bit strange, but you can also use coffee beans to repel insects, spiders and mosquitoes. Basically, keep insects away from the strong smell of coffee. It will be better and safer than a chemical pesticide. Also, its fragrance will keep you relaxed. At the same time, when its smell diminishes, keep changing it from time to time. 

clean the utensils
You can also use coffee grounds to wash dishes. Especially helps in cleaning burnt pans. For this, wet the pan a little and rub the coffee grounds on it. In such a situation, you can use it as a natural scrub for utensils.

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

The lips of women add to their beauty. They need to be taken better care of. But many times this problem occurs due to stress, lack of water, lack of blood in the body and lack of sleep. Today we are going to tell you some remedies using which you can get rid of this blackness.

Follow these desi methods

To bring your lips in natural color, mix sugar with lemon and apply it on your lips and rub it with light hands. Do this daily for 2 minutes. 

The lactic acid present in lemon can dry out the lips very quickly. In such a situation, to avoid this, use it at least for the shortest time in the beginning. 

After following these tips, apply Vaseline on the lips. Also, apply coconut oil on the lips and massage before sleeping. 

Apply it twice a week by mixing honey and rose water on the lips. Also, sleep at night after removing makeup from the face and lipstick from the lips. 

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