Hair is very thin and volume is not at all, try this recipe once

Hair is very thin and volume is not at all, try this recipe once

If you have very thin hair or have lost the volume in it, then do not worry. Today we will tell you such a home recipe, which will make your hair thick and shine. Along with this, problems like falling hair, dandruff will also get rid of and you will not have to spend money on expensive products, treatments. Let us tell you an easy recipe to make hair thick, strong and shiny.

due to thinning hair
. genetic
. Take much stress
. Lack of nutrients in the body
. Allergies, hormonal imbalance
. Health problems such as cancer
. Combing wet hair
. don't tie hair

for this you need
Onion - 3 medium size

How to make
First of all, peel the onion and grind it well in a mixer. Then put it in a cloth and extract its juice. You can increase or decrease the amount of onion according to your hair. Now mix honey as much as onion juice in it.

How to use
1. First detangle the hair by combing it. Now apply this juice in the scalp with the help of cotton. If you want, you can also apply the juice by putting it in a spray bottle.
2. After applying the juice, massage gently with hands for at least 5-7 minutes. Leave it for at least 1-2 hours.
3. After this wash the hair thoroughly with mild shampoo. Keep in mind that while you are using it, do not use any oil.

How many times to use?
By applying this pack regularly for 1 month at least 3 times a week, you will get better results. If there is no time to apply for 3 days, then you must apply the pack twice. Keep in mind that while using the pack, do not use any kind of serum or products containing chemicals.

Can children pack?
Keep in mind that if your child is very young, do not apply this pack on his hair. If she is above 18 years of age, then she can apply a pack in her hair.

If you are troubled by unwanted facial hair, then try these special recipes of grandmothers

If you are troubled by unwanted facial hair, then try these special recipes of grandmothers

The hair on the face acts as a stain on the beauty. In such a situation, women get these unwanted hair removed through facial remover cream or threading in the parlor. But due to the sensitive skin of many women, they have to face pain and allergy from it. In such a situation, you can try some home remedies instead. Let us tell you some special grandmother's special recipes today. With this, the unwanted hair on your face will be cleaned, as well as the skin will also look glowing, soft and youthful.

- sugar and lemon juice
For this, mix 1-1 tablespoon sugar, lemon juice and water as needed in a bowl. Heat this mixture until bubbles appear. After cooling it, apply it on the affected area with a spatula and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Then wash with cold water by massaging with light hands in circular motion.

Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent that cleanses the skin. The bleaching property present in lemon acts like a natural bleach for the skin and hair. It removes unwanted hair and brightens the complexion of the skin.

- lemon and honey
For this, mix 2 tablespoons sugar, 1-1 tablespoon lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Heat the mixture for 3 minutes and add water as needed to thin it. Let it cool down. Now apply cornstarch on the affected area and apply the mixture in the direction of hair growth. Now with a waxing strip or cotton cloth, take out the hair from the opposite direction of growth.

All things being natural, they will gently clean the skin. The unwanted facial hair will be cleaned and the skin will look clean, glowing and soft. Honey will help in moisturizing by removing the dryness of the skin.

- Oatmeal and banana
For this, grind 1 ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in a mixer. Apply the prepared mixture on the affected area and massage it for 15 minutes. Afterwards clean it off with cold water.

Oatmeal acts as a hydrating scrub. Oatmeal rich in anti-oxidants helps to remove redness from the skin. By applying it, the skin will look glowing, soft and youthful along with cleaning the facial hair.

- Potatoes and lentils
For this, mix 5 tsp potato juice, 1-1 tsp honey and lemon in a bowl. Grind 1 tbsp soaked lentils overnight and mix it in the mixture. Apply it on the affected area for 20 minutes and let it dry. Wash off with water afterwards.

The bleaching properties present in potatoes bleach the hair. In this case, the hair on the face is less visible.