If the pocket is always empty, then follow these vastu tips

If the pocket is always empty, then follow these vastu tips
Keep the mouth of the chest in the house facing north. By keeping towards north there is profit in money and money stays in the house. The place of keeping money should not be towards the south.
Do these Vastu Remedy:
# There should not be any metal in the bedroom wall or corners of the bedroom. There should not be any cracks in the corners of the bedroom walls. This leads to economic loss.
# Due to lack of proper direction of the water coming out from inside the house, there can be a lack of money and financial loss. 
# Water drainage should not be from the west and south sides. It should always be from east and north direction. Drainage from these directions is considered auspicious. Due to which there is no shortage of money in the house.
# If there are junk or broken utensils inside the garage of the house or house, then leave them out immediately. It is often seen that there are shelves, broken beds and other wooden items lying in the house.
# Water dripping from the tubes in the house or not closing the taps with a tie, which keeps the water dripping. This thing also produces Vastu defects. Due to which there is terrible loss. 

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions
Nowadays people wear many types of rattan and pearls to avoid home condition. People affected by Ketu planet can change their fate by wearing which gemstone. But we are going to tell you about a gem that is effective in all three conditions. 
Benefits of wearing garlic: 
# The garlic stakes represent the planet Ketu, so by wearing garlic, all the defects caused by Ketu are pacified. This gemstone Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn also show their special influence in the condition of all three.
# Wearing garlic gives strength, strength, power, wealth, happiness, joy, son. It relieves mental troubles, physical debility, grief, poverty, ghosts.
# If garlic favors, wealth increases rapidly in wealth. It also protects against accidental accident.
# This gem is also airy and gall destroyer. Wearing it does not cause nightmares in the night, by wearing it, it gives relief in the inflammation of the stomach and respiratory tract.