If you are pregnant, then make a distance from these works, otherwise the loss may occur.

If you are pregnant, then make a distance from these works, otherwise the loss may occur.

Often women need to take special precautions during pregnancy. Along with the catering, you need to be very careful in all the care and tips related to makeup, skin and hair. There are many things in makeup and cosmetics that are chemical. Their excessive use can be harmful during pregnancy.

Do not use these things

# Nail paint of many women is nauseated during pregnancy. Actually, nail paint is not healthy for the child and the mother. If you still want to do manicure or pedicure then stay away from nail paint.

# Facials are the best for skin relief, but when pregnant, you should avoid things like chemicals, hot stones. This can prove to be a threat to your health.

 # Hair color contains chemicals which can be toxic for pregnant women. Small amounts of hair color also reach the bloodstream through scalp. 

#Waxing is harmful to your upcoming child and your health. During pregnancy, the skin becomes more fragile than before, causing you more pain. 

# Many times women also get pimples due to pregnancy. In this case, BHA, Duffrin, Retinoids are used to treat acne, which you should avoid.

Women of this zodiac are adept at love, true love

Women of this zodiac are adept at love, true love
In the case of love, the attitude of women is something else. They think differently from men. If you are attracted to a girl by looking at her, then first also know whether she thinks about his love, whether she is compatible with you or not. 
Love of women according to zodiac:
# Aries: Aries women want to have a lover who convinces them that they are the first and the most important in their life.
# Taurus: Whenever women of Taurus love it, they play it with true loyalty, when they get angry then they are very difficult to handle.
# Gemini: The women of Gemini are very romantic, such women are very playful, most of the people are not able to live up to the expectations of the women of Gemini. 
# Cancer: Women of Cancer are slow to love but they are a devoted and protective lover. Women of this zodiac take time to believe in others.
# Leo Horoscope: Women of Leo zodiac fall in love easily but only when the right lover affects their imagination.
# Virgo: Women of Virgo are extremely emotional and intense, they do not like any kind of weakness in their lover. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to maintain relationships at times.
# Libra: Women of Libra want synergy and participation. In love, women of Libra zodiac see balance. It is important that the one they have chosen is completely dedicated to them.
# Scorpio Zodiac: The women of Scorpio zodiac can be a puzzle for their lover. Their real feelings and intentions sometimes become questionable.
# Sagittarius: The women of Sagittarius need a partner who is mentally and physically in competition, someone who can understand them completely and love them.
# Capricorn: Women of Capricorn neither fall in love at first sight nor waste time in it. She believes in love, but will not deal with her fate. 
# Aquarius: Aquarius women show strong faith. It takes a lot of time to love and understand someone. Because of this, they are unable to form a relationship quickly.
# Pisces: Pisces women love to be immersed in love, once they fall in love, they are lost in their dreams of love.