Increase the taste of your food with vinegar onions

Increase the taste of your food with vinegar onions

There is no doubt that vinegar onion has a great taste. If you get vinegar onion with food, then surely it is fun to eat. Often vinegar onion is served along with food in restaurants. By the way, making vinegar onions is not so difficult. You can easily prepare it at home and increase the taste of your food manifold. So, today we are telling you how to make vinegar onions-



Two-three beet pieces

A spoonful of powdered sugar

Two small cinnamon pieces

Two to three cloves



According to cookery experts, to make vinegar onion, first cut the onion by making a cross mark from the middle. Keep in mind that you do not have to cut the onion completely, just chop a little from the top. Now in a pan add one and a half cups of water and beetroot, cloves, cinnamon and ground sugar and boil it well, so that all the flavors get well in the water. Beetroot is added to water so that, like the market, you too get the pink color of vinegar onion. Now cover it and let it cool. Then sieve the water. Now pour this water in an onion bowl. Now add vinegar in equal amount of water and leave onion like this for about two-three hours.

You are ready to make vinegar onions. Simply put these onions in a container with water and store them in the fridge. In this way, you can easily consume onions prepared in the refrigerator for seven to ten days.

When we made it, its test was really the same as the market. But from our experience we would like to give you an advice that although you can store onions in any jar, it would be better to use a glass jar to store vinegar onions. This will not spoil the onion quickly. Also, you can use the same vinegar twice, but change vinegar to make onion with vinegar.