Lemon is the solution to these everyday problems, know how?

Lemon is the solution to these everyday problems, know how?

A small looking lemon is considered very beneficial for health. But do you know that with this you can solve many of your everyday problems. Yes, with the help of lemon, you can clean your kitchen sink from cleaning stains on clothes. So let's know how to use lemon ...

bleach clothes
Often clothes get stained. For this, put some slices of lemon and water in a bucket and put a cloth. Soak it for about 20 minutes. With this, the stains on the clothes will be removed and they will be like new. Apart from this, you can use lemon to wash white clothes. 

use as a dishwasher 
You can also use lemon to clean household utensils. Especially the stubborn stains on tea, coffee will be cleaned. Along with cleaning your utensils with lemon, it will also remove the smell. 

get rid of the smell
Often there is a smell of garbage around the house. To get rid of it, you squeeze a little lemon juice over the garbage. You can also put lemon juice on the dustbin of the house. Squeeze some lemon juice in water and wash your hands with it. This will remove the strong smell of onion and garlic coming from the hands. Also fill the spray bottle with water and lemon. Then sprinkle it all over the house. Due to this, slowly there will be a lot of happiness in the house. 

clean the tiles
You can use lemon to clean the tiles of the house. For this, apply some salt on the tiles. After that rub lemon on it. Then clean it with water. This will clean the tiles of the kitchen or house. Along with this, the bacteria sticking on it will also end. 

Useful in cleaning the sink 
Often the smell of the kitchen sink starts to get stuck due to the garbage. In such a situation, with the help of lemon, you can get rid of it. For this, boil lemon peels in water. Also add a little lemon juice along with it. Then pour this water into the drain. This will stop the smell as your sink gets cleaned. 

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

The lips of women add to their beauty. They need to be taken better care of. But many times this problem occurs due to stress, lack of water, lack of blood in the body and lack of sleep. Today we are going to tell you some remedies using which you can get rid of this blackness.

Follow these desi methods

To bring your lips in natural color, mix sugar with lemon and apply it on your lips and rub it with light hands. Do this daily for 2 minutes. 

The lactic acid present in lemon can dry out the lips very quickly. In such a situation, to avoid this, use it at least for the shortest time in the beginning. 

After following these tips, apply Vaseline on the lips. Also, apply coconut oil on the lips and massage before sleeping. 

Apply it twice a week by mixing honey and rose water on the lips. Also, sleep at night after removing makeup from the face and lipstick from the lips. 

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