Make a hand wash at home to reduce the risk of corona virus

Make a hand wash at home to reduce the risk of corona virus

Since the risk of corona has increased throughout the world, people have understood the importance of cleanliness closely. These days, people all over the world have started insisting on washing hands with hand sanitizer and handwash. Actually, this is an effective way to avoid corona infection and hence people in every corner of the world are following this rule. By the way, hand washes are easily available in the market. But these days hand wash and hand sanitizer are getting quite expensive. So why don't you make a very easy hand wash at home for your safety. So, today we are telling you how to make a hand wash from the old leftover soap pieces at home, which you consider useless.

Hand wash is very easy to make. For this, you can crush them with the help of a grate of your choice or if you have remaining small pieces of soap in your bathroom. Now pour about one to one and a half liters of water in a pan and boil it. After this, turn off the gas. Now immediately add grated soap to it and keep stirring it continuously so that the soap easily dissolves in it.

When the soap dissolves well in water, then you add two spoons of glycerin and mix it. Now cover it and leave it for about ten to twelve hours. After about 12 hours, the consistency of liquid soap will become thick and the market will become like a hand wash. 

Now take an empty handwash dispenser. Put a handwash prepared at home in it. Now your homemade handwash is ready to use. Why is it not so cheap and great way. 

I myself make and use handwash in this way. So now you need to spend money or go out to get a handwash. Make and use hand wash at home in this easy way. Also, remove corona infection by yourself.