Natural Bleach for Skin: Make natural face bleach like this at home, you will get these skin benefits

Natural Bleach for Skin: Make natural face bleach like this at home, you will get these skin benefits

People adopt many methods to look beautiful, but when it comes to beauty, everyone wants to get an instant glow. There are many products available in the market for an instant glow, one of which is bleach. This beauty product contains acid, so it can make the skin fair or glow for some time. That is why people apply bleach on the skin in preparation for any event, function, or special occasion. Chemicals are used in face bleach and it also harms the skin somewhere. In such a situation, you should adopt indigenous methods.

Even though the market is full of products for skin care, nowadays people also like to adopt home remedies. Did you know that you can also prepare natural bleach at home? Learn how you can prepare Fail Bleach at home and what are the skin benefits you can get from it.

How to make homemade face bleach
For this, you will need lemon juice, cucumber juice, tomato juice, potato juice, and rice flour. Take three to four spoons of rice flour in a bowl and mix lemon, potato, tomato, and cucumber juice in it. Your natural face bleach is ready. Do not leave the prepared bleach uncovered for a long time and apply it to the face immediately. After the bleach dries, clean it with normal water only.

Benefits of this natural bleach
1. People who have the problem of oily skin, have to face more problems in monsoon. This homemade face bleach works to control the extra oil coming on the skin.

2. Pollution and oil accumulate in the open pores and close them and then create pimples. You can do deep cleaning of pores with this naturally prepared bleach. If the skin is repaired, then it will also glow.

3. Potato and lemon juice used in bleach act as natural bleach. Apart from this, it nourishes the skin and also improves its complexion. Apart from this, cucumber juice added to it helps to stay hydrated. You must apply this bleach on the skin once a week.

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