Offer Rudraksha to Shiva for miraculous changes

Offer Rudraksha to Shiva for miraculous changes
Lord Shiva also eats naivete, it is very easy to please them, beliefs are one of them, Rudraksha. Lord Shiva bears it on all his limbs  It is believed that the grace of Lord Shiva remains always on the person wearing Rudraksha .
# It is described in Shastro that a mukhi protects a person wearing Rudraksha from an accident and at the same time it never lets the money in the house decrease .
There are also some rules related to Rudraksha  For example, the rosary of Rudraksha with which you chant should not be worn  Rudraksha should be worn only in an auspicious time  Should never be added to the ring .
# Ghar Kalesh and Vastu Dosha are removed when Lord Shiva is demolished in the temple at home .
# Rudraksha has a unique kind of pulse Which makes you a protective shield of your energy, so that the external energies do not disturb you .

Why is Lakshmi remembered by opening the palms in the morning

Why is Lakshmi remembered by opening the palms in the morning
In the front of the palms is the abode of Maa Lakshmi, in the middle of the hands is the abode of Maa Saraswati and at the core of the hands is Shri Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The remembrance and darshan of these three deities in the morning is very auspicious and auspicious.
Chant the mantra:
Karagre Vaste Lakshmi, Saraswati in Kar. 
Kar mule tu Govindam, Prabhate kar darshanam.
Do these things as soon as you wake up in the morning:
When waking up from sleep in the morning, first of all, open both palms of hands on the bed and join them and looking at their lines, chant the said mantra once in a while and then turn the palms on the face.
After bowing to the soil in its heart, first lift the right foot and keep it forward, and then retire from defecation, and meditate for five minutes.