Skin Care in Monsoon: Due to these 3 mistakes, pimples appear on the face during rainy days

Skin Care in Monsoon: Due to these 3 mistakes, pimples appear on the face during rainy days

During rainy days, not only your health deteriorates quickly, but the skin also gets sick many times. In this season, due to an increase in moisture, the skin becomes more oily. Due to this, the problem of acne and blackheads increases on the skin. Apart from this, sometimes the color of the skin also fades, due to which the glow of your face disappears. According to beauty experts, sometimes some of your mistakes also become the reason for making your skin sick. If you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing even in the monsoon season, then avoid making some mistakes.

don't wear heavy makeup
Heavy makeup should be completely avoided during the rainy season. This weather is sticky. In such a situation, the cosmetics present on your skin can go into the pores of your skin and clog them. Due to clogged pores, your skin cannot breathe properly. Also, in such a situation, more oil comes out, which becomes the reason for acne and pimples on your face. Apart from this, the color of your face disappears. Therefore, do make-up very light or not in monsoon.

not cleaning properly
Not cleaning the skin properly is also a big mistake. This increases the risk of developing skin problems even more. You should keep this in mind even more during the monsoon season. Clean your skin with cleansing milk every night before sleeping in the rain. This will clean the dirt and cosmetics present on your skin. After that wash the face with face wash.

not applying moisturizer
During rainy days, the skin becomes a little oily, so many people skip the moisturizer. But this is your big mistake. The rising humidity in the monsoon affects your skin. In such a situation, the dryness in your skin may increase and the glow of your skin may disappear. Therefore, in this season also use moisturizer according to your skin type.

keep this in mind
During the rainy season, your skin needs more care due to the increased humidity in the weather. Therefore, exfoliate the skin at least twice a week during this season. This will do deep cleansing of your skin and the skin will be free from dirt and bacteria. Apart from this, use non-alcoholic products on the skin. This will maintain your skin tone and pH balance.

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