So know what the lines on your hands say

So know what the lines on your hands say
In order to be successful in human life, it is necessary to have luck along with actions. A man's future is based on his actions, the man who performs the work gets fruit on his own basis. But God has made such a line in the hands of us, which not everyone can understand, and what he can understand, he can change his destiny himself. 
What does your hand line say:
# The person whose hands are soft and their palm is thick and wide, those people achieve fame in life, they are not short of money and their work goes on continuously. 
# The line drawn in a person's palm fades with a thick line and the lines start to grow, in such a way that a person achieves a lot of success in life and does not lack money. 
# If a person's forefinger line of hands touches his heart directly, then that person is very lucky, he does not have to wander in life for a job. 
# If a person has a lifeline in his palm and has a triangle symbol inscribed anywhere in his body, then such people are of extra wealth.

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions
Nowadays people wear many types of rattan and pearls to avoid home condition. People affected by Ketu planet can change their fate by wearing which gemstone. But we are going to tell you about a gem that is effective in all three conditions. 
Benefits of wearing garlic: 
# The garlic stakes represent the planet Ketu, so by wearing garlic, all the defects caused by Ketu are pacified. This gemstone Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn also show their special influence in the condition of all three.
# Wearing garlic gives strength, strength, power, wealth, happiness, joy, son. It relieves mental troubles, physical debility, grief, poverty, ghosts.
# If garlic favors, wealth increases rapidly in wealth. It also protects against accidental accident.
# This gem is also airy and gall destroyer. Wearing it does not cause nightmares in the night, by wearing it, it gives relief in the inflammation of the stomach and respiratory tract.