Special tips for skin care, face will look young and feeding

Special tips for skin care, face will look young and feeding

To maintain beauty, girls often use many beauty products. But due to the chemicals in them, there is a risk of skin problems. But you can bring a natural glow on the face by following some easy tips in your daily routine. Let us tell you today special and easy tips for glowing and healthy skin.

wash face 2 times daily
Wash your face with a mild face wash every morning after waking up and before going to bed. With this, the dirt, dead skin and extra oil present on the skin will be cleaned and the face will look glowing and blooming. Avoid washing face more than 2 times. Otherwise your skin may become dry.

Choose products according to skin type
According to experts, one should always buy products according to the skin type. For this, take a patch test before using anything. Along with this, buy items rich in Vitamin C. It will deeply nourish your skin and help keep it healthy, glowing and youthful. Also, avoid using someone else's beauty products. Due to this you may have to face skin allergies.

wear sunscreen
Often girls consider it right to apply sunscreen only when there is strong sunlight. But according to experts, sunscreen must be applied about 30 minutes before stepping out of the house. Even if it is sunny or not. It works to protect from the strong rays of the sun. In this way, you get rid of suntan, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and other skin related problems. Along with this, the risk of getting skin cancer due to strong sunlight is also reduced. For this you can use SPP 30 sunscreen.

get the right amount of sleep
Often, lack of sleep leads to dark circles under the eyes and tiredness in the face. Due to this, the glow of the face also starts decreasing. So take 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

It is important to keep the skin hydrated
Due to lack of water in the body, along with health, the skin also suffers. In fact, with enough water, the elasticity of the skin remains intact. Along with this, it helps in reducing the symptoms of aging. This makes the skin clean and nourished from within. In this way the face looks clean, glowing and youthful.

eat a balanced diet
Include green vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, diary products etc. in the food. With this, the body will get all the necessary elements in proper quantity. In this way, skin related problems will be avoided. It will also help in improving the complexion of the face.

If you are troubled by unwanted facial hair, then try these special recipes of grandmothers

If you are troubled by unwanted facial hair, then try these special recipes of grandmothers

The hair on the face acts as a stain on the beauty. In such a situation, women get these unwanted hair removed through facial remover cream or threading in the parlor. But due to the sensitive skin of many women, they have to face pain and allergy from it. In such a situation, you can try some home remedies instead. Let us tell you some special grandmother's special recipes today. With this, the unwanted hair on your face will be cleaned, as well as the skin will also look glowing, soft and youthful.

- sugar and lemon juice
For this, mix 1-1 tablespoon sugar, lemon juice and water as needed in a bowl. Heat this mixture until bubbles appear. After cooling it, apply it on the affected area with a spatula and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Then wash with cold water by massaging with light hands in circular motion.

Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent that cleanses the skin. The bleaching property present in lemon acts like a natural bleach for the skin and hair. It removes unwanted hair and brightens the complexion of the skin.

- lemon and honey
For this, mix 2 tablespoons sugar, 1-1 tablespoon lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Heat the mixture for 3 minutes and add water as needed to thin it. Let it cool down. Now apply cornstarch on the affected area and apply the mixture in the direction of hair growth. Now with a waxing strip or cotton cloth, take out the hair from the opposite direction of growth.

All things being natural, they will gently clean the skin. The unwanted facial hair will be cleaned and the skin will look clean, glowing and soft. Honey will help in moisturizing by removing the dryness of the skin.

- Oatmeal and banana
For this, grind 1 ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal in a mixer. Apply the prepared mixture on the affected area and massage it for 15 minutes. Afterwards clean it off with cold water.

Oatmeal acts as a hydrating scrub. Oatmeal rich in anti-oxidants helps to remove redness from the skin. By applying it, the skin will look glowing, soft and youthful along with cleaning the facial hair.

- Potatoes and lentils
For this, mix 5 tsp potato juice, 1-1 tsp honey and lemon in a bowl. Grind 1 tbsp soaked lentils overnight and mix it in the mixture. Apply it on the affected area for 20 minutes and let it dry. Wash off with water afterwards.

The bleaching properties present in potatoes bleach the hair. In this case, the hair on the face is less visible.