That's why these 12 names of Hanuman ji

That's why these 12 names of Hanuman ji
On this day, by chanting this name, all Mars will be Mars. Know about the wonderful and miraculous twelve names of Mangalakari Hanuman born on Mars, whose chanting will destroy all your sufferings, diseases, pains and distress by itself and everything will be happy in life.
Here are 12 names of Hanuman ji:
# Hanuman: Hanumanji got this name because once angry, Devraj Indra hit his thunderbolt on the face. That vajra was directly placed on his chin (Hanu). Because of the thunderbolt of Hanu, he was named Hanuman.
#Anjnisut: Hanuman's name is also famous due to being the son of Mata Anjani.
#Vayuputra: One name of Hanumanji is also Vayuputra. He is also called Vayaputra due to Pawan Dev being the son of Auras.
#Mahabali: Hanumaji's force has no boundaries, he is also strong among the strong. Therefore, his name is also Mahabal.
#Rameshta: Hanuman is the supreme devotee of Lord Shri Ram. There is a description in many places in the religious texts that Shri Ram has considered Hanuman as his favorite. Because of being loved by Lord Shri Ram, he also has a name Ramesh.
#Phalgunsukh: According to Mahabharata, one of the Pandu sons Arjuna is also named Phalgun. At the time of war, Hanumanji was seated on the flag of Arjuna's chariot.
# Lakshmanpranadata: When Indrajit, the son of Ravana, used Shakti to make Lakshmana unconscious, Hanumaji brought Sanjeevani Booti. Lakshmana came to the senses with the effect of the same booty.
# Amitvikram: Vikram means mighty and Amit means a lot. Hanumaji, with his might, did many such things which were difficult even for the Gods, so they are also called Amitvikram.
# Udhidramana: Udhidramana means the transgressor of the sea, ie the transgressor. While searching for Sita Mata, Hanumanji crossed the sea, so she also has a name for it.
#SitaShokVinashan: Hanumanji got this name because of removing the mourning of Mother Sita.
#Pingaksha: Pingaksha means brown-eyed and it has also been described in many religious texts. Therefore, he also has a name.
#Dashgrivadarpaha: Dashagriva means Ravana and Darpaha i.e. the vanity breaker. Dashagrivadarpaha means the breaker of Ravana. Hanumanji went to Lanka and found Sita Mata. 

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions
Nowadays people wear many types of rattan and pearls to avoid home condition. People affected by Ketu planet can change their fate by wearing which gemstone. But we are going to tell you about a gem that is effective in all three conditions. 
Benefits of wearing garlic: 
# The garlic stakes represent the planet Ketu, so by wearing garlic, all the defects caused by Ketu are pacified. This gemstone Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn also show their special influence in the condition of all three.
# Wearing garlic gives strength, strength, power, wealth, happiness, joy, son. It relieves mental troubles, physical debility, grief, poverty, ghosts.
# If garlic favors, wealth increases rapidly in wealth. It also protects against accidental accident.
# This gem is also airy and gall destroyer. Wearing it does not cause nightmares in the night, by wearing it, it gives relief in the inflammation of the stomach and respiratory tract.