The secret of happiness and prosperity is hidden in your kitchen, know how?

The secret of happiness and prosperity is hidden in your kitchen, know how?

According to Vastu, along with all the rooms of the house, the Vastu of the kitchen should also be fine. This strengthens the health and mutual relationships of the members of the household. Along with this, keeping the atmosphere of the house pleasant, there is an abode of happiness, prosperity and peace.

So let's know some special Vastu rules related to kitchen...

Make kitchen in this direction
Always make the kitchen in the south-east direction of the house. According to Vastu, fire has a profound effect on our health, fame and prosperity. In such a situation, the kitchen should be made in this direction for the fire element to be transmitted properly. On the other hand, kitchen should be avoided in the north direction of the house. Actually, this direction is of Kuber, the god of wealth. In such a situation, having a kitchen here has to face unnecessary expenses.

avoid getting this color
Never get black and blue colors done in the kitchen. According to Vastu, getting this color painted in the kitchen is inauspicious.

keep gas in this direction
The slab to keep the stove in the kitchen should be made in east or igneous angle. In this way, while cooking food, the mouth remains in the east direction. According to Vastu, cooking in this direction is considered good. Also, the hearth or stove should not be visible from outside the main entrance of the house. If this is the case in your house, then put a light curtain to hide it. 

Build slabs and cupboards in this direction
It is very important to have slabs and cupboards to keep items in the kitchen. At the same time, the south or west direction is considered auspicious for them.

Proper management of light and air is necessary
Special attention should be paid to light and air in the kitchen. At the same time, making windows in the kitchen would also be right.

Do not make kitchen in these places
According to Vastu, the kitchen should never be built above or below the toilet and stairs. This has a bad effect on the health of the members of the house, as well as problems related to money and luck.

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

The lips of women add to their beauty. They need to be taken better care of. But many times this problem occurs due to stress, lack of water, lack of blood in the body and lack of sleep. Today we are going to tell you some remedies using which you can get rid of this blackness.

Follow these desi methods

To bring your lips in natural color, mix sugar with lemon and apply it on your lips and rub it with light hands. Do this daily for 2 minutes. 

The lactic acid present in lemon can dry out the lips very quickly. In such a situation, to avoid this, use it at least for the shortest time in the beginning. 

After following these tips, apply Vaseline on the lips. Also, apply coconut oil on the lips and massage before sleeping. 

Apply it twice a week by mixing honey and rose water on the lips. Also, sleep at night after removing makeup from the face and lipstick from the lips. 

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