This temple is famous for removing spirits and ghosts.

This temple is famous for removing spirits and ghosts.
There is such a temple in Mehndipur in Rajasthan, where one can get rid of the ghost barrier. This temple is of Balaji. Hanuman ji is worshiped in this temple. It is considered to be a very warm place for Lord Hanuman.
Ghosts run in Mehandipur Balaji temple:
People believe that Shri Balaji, who is enthroned in this temple, gets rid of evil spirits with his divine power. Thousands of ghost-vampire-stricken people come to the temple every day for darshan and prayer, which the locals call Sankatwala. This temple becomes like a home for the sufferer of ghosts and Shri Balaji is his last hope.
Here many people can be seen tied to chains and hanging in reverse. One can be surprised to see this temple and its associated miracles. In the evening when Balaji's Aarti takes place, people suffering from ghosts are seen battling and after the Aarti people go to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The priests there take some measures and it is said that after this the victim becomes healthy.

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions

Garlic improves Rahu, Ketu and Saturn conditions
Nowadays people wear many types of rattan and pearls to avoid home condition. People affected by Ketu planet can change their fate by wearing which gemstone. But we are going to tell you about a gem that is effective in all three conditions. 
Benefits of wearing garlic: 
# The garlic stakes represent the planet Ketu, so by wearing garlic, all the defects caused by Ketu are pacified. This gemstone Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn also show their special influence in the condition of all three.
# Wearing garlic gives strength, strength, power, wealth, happiness, joy, son. It relieves mental troubles, physical debility, grief, poverty, ghosts.
# If garlic favors, wealth increases rapidly in wealth. It also protects against accidental accident.
# This gem is also airy and gall destroyer. Wearing it does not cause nightmares in the night, by wearing it, it gives relief in the inflammation of the stomach and respiratory tract.