When curd is not frozen properly, then definitely try this trick once

When curd is not frozen properly, then definitely try this trick once

Yogurt contains nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, iron, calcium, and has anti-oxidant properties. Its consumption increases immunity and improves the digestive system. In such a situation, the risk of falling prey to seasonal and other diseases is less. On the other hand, instead of buying curd from outside, it is more beneficial to store it at home. But often many women have to face problems in ageing it. Curd looks like water when it freezes properly. Apart from this, many women say that instead of curdling, only milk thickens. In such a situation, she throws it as a waste.

But instead of throwing it away, by adopting some tricks, you can store this curd properly at home in one go. So let us tell you some easy tips for making curd today. So that you can consume homemade fresh and healthy curd. 

First of all, fill water in a pan and heat it. Make sure the water is neither boiled nor lukewarm. The water should be just slightly warm.

Now cover the bowl of curd and keep it in water. Keep in mind that your curd vessel should be immersed in the water as far as the mixture of curd and milk in it. Then cover the pan containing water as well.

Keep the curd vessel immersed in water for 15-20 minutes. This will allow your curd to set properly. But do not swirl the spoon in the curd by mistake. Keep it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour to set. You will get just perfect curd.

Note, if curd is set with this method, it may become thick and sometimes water may also be released. But it is not that curd is not bad but it is worth eating. 

So let's now know the reason for the curd not setting right...
After boiling milk, it is very important to keep it at the right temperature. Otherwise it will not fit properly.

Keep the curd setting bowl at a separate place. so that he could not move. In fact, curd does not freeze properly due to shaking of the vessel.

It needs heat to set curd. So keep it covered. Otherwise the curd will not freeze properly.

Choose the right vessel for setting curd. You should apply curd jam around the pot properly. Just after that hot milk is to be mixed in the vessel. Only then the curd will freeze properly. By the way, an earthen pot is perfect for this.

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

Follow these home remedies to remove the blackness of the lips

The lips of women add to their beauty. They need to be taken better care of. But many times this problem occurs due to stress, lack of water, lack of blood in the body and lack of sleep. Today we are going to tell you some remedies using which you can get rid of this blackness.

Follow these desi methods

To bring your lips in natural color, mix sugar with lemon and apply it on your lips and rub it with light hands. Do this daily for 2 minutes. 

The lactic acid present in lemon can dry out the lips very quickly. In such a situation, to avoid this, use it at least for the shortest time in the beginning. 

After following these tips, apply Vaseline on the lips. Also, apply coconut oil on the lips and massage before sleeping. 

Apply it twice a week by mixing honey and rose water on the lips. Also, sleep at night after removing makeup from the face and lipstick from the lips. 

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