Will our figure go bad in lockdown? Adopt these tips will not increase weight even

Will our figure go bad in lockdown? Adopt these tips will not increase weight even

To save people from the havoc of the Corona virus, the Modi government has imprisoned people from all over India. The police is guarded from outside so that no one can get out of the house. Police are behaving strictly with those who get out of the house. In such a situation, people are forced to stay at home. The war with the corona virus can be won only by staying at home.

The government has a 21-day lockdown to deal with Corona. In such a situation, one of the biggest concerns of the people sitting at home is that weight will increase while sitting at home. Now it is certain that if we stay at home and do not work, then the weight will increase. In such a situation, today we will tell you some things in this article that if you have followed, then your weight will not increase at all.

Cumin water

If you have to keep your figure mainten, then you have to work a little bit. Put cumin seeds in a glass of water every night. Boil this cumin water a lot in the morning and when it becomes half glass, drink it on an empty stomach. Cumin water is considered good enough to reduce weight. For this you will not need much things.

Black coffee

If you are at home in lockdown, in order to pass your time, you will be spending more time on the phone or in sleep, more weight can also be increased by sleeping. In such a situation, an option for you is to leave black tea at home and consume black coffee. Remember that do not add sugar and milk to black coffee and drink it continuously instead of tea.

Cinnamon, black pepper, honey paste

Cinnamon, black pepper, honey will also work to prevent the body from gaining weight. Grind cinnamon and black pepper and make a paste by adding it to honey and eat it with a spoonful of hot water. This will not increase your weight.

Raisin water

Raisin water starts a biochemical process in the liver, which makes the blood clear faster. If you do this treatment continuously for 4 days, then you will find that your stomach has completely recovered and you will have a lot of energy. Raisin water is good for the stomach. It clears the stomach. The stomach will remain clean and will not freeze.

At night, take some grains of raisins and soak them in water and drink this water in the morning. 

Green tea

Nowadays, there are green tea in the house and if not, get it called because it will help in reducing your weight. After every mile you drink a cup of green tea, it will keep your stomach clean and green tea also helps in reducing fat.

Change the routine

If you can, make a slight change in your routine so that your body stays fit. If possible in the morning, do some asanas by watching on YouTube in the balcony of the house or on the terrace. Apart from this, if there are stairs in the house, then take 5 to 10 rounds of it. Do not lie down on the bed immediately after eating food. If possible, eat dinner till 7 o'clock and have breakfast before 9 o'clock in the morning. If you have done this much then your weight will not increase at all in these 21 days.