70% of monkeypox cases only in Europe! Globally, patients crossed 18 thousand, know - an expert view

70% of monkeypox cases only in Europe! Globally, patients crossed 18 thousand, know - an expert view

World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared monkeypox a global health emergency. Since then, there has been a considerable increase in its cases. According to UN figures, the total number of cases in 78 countries of the world is crossing 18 thousand. In view of this, the World Health Organization has appealed to the whole world to be alert. It has also been said that full emphasis should be given to preparing its vaccine. Let us tell you that Canada, the US, and the European Union have approved the use of vaccines useful in smallpox for the treatment of monkeypox patients here.

Europe most affected

Let us tell you that Europe is struggling the most with the cases of monkeypox. Most of the monkeypox cases in the world are coming from here. According to the UN, 70 percent of the cases reported so far in the world are from the European Union only. After this, about 25 percent of the cases have been reported from America.

10 percent of patients were admitted to the hospital, and 5 died

So far, about ten percent of its patients are admitted to the hospital, while five deaths have also taken place due to this disease. Experts say that this disease can be avoided provided that the country and society and as an individual, we ourselves take the responsibility of not taking any kind of negligence. Experts say that preventing it from spreading is its biggest defense.

demand for Emma

Meanwhile, the European Medicines Agency (EMMA) has also sought permission to use the smallpox vaccine made by the Bavarian Nordic against monkeypox. UN Chip Tadros Adghonum Ghebreyesus has said that we do not have any data on how effective these vaccines are. For this, he has also appealed to all countries to share the data.

It will take a few months to reach the peak

The World Health Organization (WHO) even says that its cases are increasing at a doubling rate every two weeks. It has been said on behalf of the organization that it may take a few months for this disease to reach its peak. The doors of prevention will be closed.

need to take immediate action

Other scientists associated with the WHO's Expert Committee say that some major steps also need to be taken immediately after declaring monkeypox as a public health emergency. Vaccination, testing, isolation center, and contact tracing are included. Let us tell you that as a big reason for this, the relationship of man with man has also come to the fore. The World Health Organization has warned that one should avoid doing so. The WHO says that in the case of monkeypox, male ostracism is far more deadly than being infected with any virus.

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