Agra hotel industry discusses strategy on its future post-lockdown

Agra hotel industry discusses strategy on its future post-lockdown

The hotel industry in Agra, which has been hit thanks to nationwide lockdown over coronavirus crisis, has been forced to ponder upon the changed circumstances.

In a webinar on the challenges posed by Covid-19 on the hotel industry, show business leader Guru Swarup Srivastava said that virtual marriages became the newest trend during the lockdown. This trend could convince be a "boon" for the hotel industry.

Inder Chand Jain, director of The Palm Court, said that within the changed scenario, the onus is upon the hotels to make sure the security of the guests. The hotels also will need to bring new and attractive packages for the guests if they need to survive during this new world.

Hotel Radisson head Vibhav Sagar told that the hotel has already adopted international hygiene standards for the guests who are going to be staying at the hotel from now on. Sagar said the hotel is prepared to face any challenges.

Hotel Ramada Plaza head Lokesh Upadhyay said that the hotel industry will need to move forward with a service level agreement. "The guests will got to be told beforehand about the extent of services being offered to them," Lokesh Upadhyay said.

Rishi Bhatnagar, vice chairman Jaypee Hotel, said that the primary priority should be to get back the trust of the guests and therefore the clients should feel that they're staying during a safe hotel. "The hotel industry will need to become serious about this aspect," Bhatnagar said.

Vivek Mahajan of the Hotel Crystal Sarovar said that the "Covid Manager are going to be a replacement post and therefore the staff will need to be trained for it. The industry players from vending, planning and MICE will need to be brought on one platform to make sure cooperation between them."

Commenting on the points discussed by the hotel industry, Vishal Sharma, secretary of the Agra Tourist Welfare Chamber, said that the hotel industry has taken the proper step to initiate a discussion on the longer term of the industry.

"But the ultimate cards are still within the hands of the govt which is yet to return out with the post-lockdown guidelines for various industries," Vishal Sharma said.

Sharma said that since the Taj Mahal remains closed and is probably going to stay closed for a few longer till the govt comes up with a policy on regulating traffic in places of public access, there was little or no possibility of tourists visiting the town and night stay was simply out of question. within the absence of clear policy guidelines, it'll be too early to predict a path that the tourism business should take.

Sharma said that the tourism industry of Agra goes through an "extremely bad phase and therefore the business isn't likely to recover anytime soon".

"The industry leaders will need to sit along side the union tourism minister and formulate a policy to revive tourism not only in Agra but the whole country," Sharma said.