Assam's special golden tea made a record for sales, knowing its specialty

Assam's special golden tea made a record for sales, knowing its specialty

Tea is an important part of our daily routine. The role of tea is very important from the beginning of the day to refreshing. Many important decisions are also taken during the discussion on tea. Due to this usefulness of tea, many varieties of this are also present in the country and their prices can surprise you. In fact, tea lovers do not hold back in spending a huge amount on this. This is the reason why the special tea of ​​Assam has created a tremendous record in sales. This tea is sold for one lakh rupees per kg. You may not believe it, but it is a fact.

Pabhojan Tea, a rare variety of organic tea from the Golaghat district of Assam, was sold at an auction center in Jorhat. During this time, the price of this tea per kilogram was one lakh rupees. Which is one of the highest prices of this year.

An official of the Jorhat Tea Auction Center (JTAC) said that Pabhojan is a tea sold by Organic Tea Estate. It was bought by Assam-based tea brand Essa Tea.
Specialties of food tea
Well, there are many specialties of Pabhojan Golden Tea. But the biggest feature is its taste. It is made by plucking selected upper leaves of the second batch of tea from the tea gardens.

These leaves later turn golden in color and the drink acquires a rich color. According to Bijit Sarma, CEO, of Essa Tea, this variety of tea will help them in providing one of the finest tea blends of Assam to their customers.

Pabhojan tea variety is rare and for tea connoisseurs, it is a different experience to have this one cup. Rakhi Dutta Saikia, the owner of Pabhojan Organic Tea Estate, said, “We have produced just one kg of this rare variety of tea and are happy with the new record-breaking price we have received for it. The price of this tea will help the Assam tea industry to regain its lost fame.

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