Auraiya: Nilesh is the God of dozens of TB patients, will appreciate knowing the story

Auraiya: Nilesh is the God of dozens of TB patients, will appreciate knowing the story

AuraiyaAs Nilesh is a homemaker, Asha is also a daughter-in-law. Still busy in household chores, even after this, people are not only committed to liberating people from diseases like TB and spreading awareness, but also roam from house to house for this. People run away from patients with the disease like TB, but when two brothers in their own neighborhood got the disease like TB, then their outlook and life changed. Then Nilesh took a deep knowledge of this disease and then decided to get people free from TB. Nilesh has helped dozens of people get rid of TB so far.

Nilesh became such a dots provider

Nilesh, a resident of Chitkapur, a village in Ajitmal block in Auraiya, has been working as Asha Bahu since 2006 and as a DOTS provider since 2012. She says that when two brothers near her home got TB, the entire village discriminated against them and started treating the disease as incurable. After a year of treatment, the two brothers outperformed TB and recovered completely. She says that she has watched the merge like TB very closely. So when he got a chance to act as a dots provider, he was not late in saying yes.

Laborers are suffering from TB

She says that most of the TB patients here are of the working class. They leave for work early in the morning. Because of this, she gets up at six in the morning and goes to the people and gives medicines. Patients who are contacted by phone contact them a week in advance and provide the medicine before the medicines are over.

Nilesh says that many patients have also been adolescent girls whom she used to look after regularly. There was often an objection in revealing his identity to his family members. He was afraid that if his daughters reached the point of being TB patients, it would not affect the marriage or the ensuing marital life. For this, Nilesh won the trust of the family and got the treatment of the adolescent girls without knowing the identity and today they have got freedom from TB. So far Nilesh has helped about 45 patients get rid of TB.

There are 927 active TB patients in the district

District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. AK Rai said that at present there are 927 active patients in the district. There are 70 MDR patients. He informed that all the dots providers in the district are doing good work. The DOTS provider receives incentives from the government in lieu of providing medicines to different categories of TB patients. One thousand rupees for the course of six months and the patients of MDR TB, who are cured for 24 months, get five thousand rupees to the DOTS provider for feeding them medicine.

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

National Desk; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that the BJP brought a large number of outsiders in the campaigning for the Assembly elections, leading to an increase in Kovid cases in the state in recent times. At an election rally here, Mamta accused the BJP-led government at the Center of not responding to the state's request for vaccination of most people. He said that vaccinating people can help in overcoming the spread of the disease. 

Mamta said in the rally, they (BJP leaders) have brought outsiders for campaigning, which increased the Kovid cases. We had overcome the Kovid situation but they made it complicated. Regarding the decision of the Election Commission to ban election campaigning for 24 hours, he said, is it a mistake to ask Hindus, Muslims and others to vote together? What to say about Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is making fun of me in every election meeting? Why was he not prevented from campaigning?

Accusing Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of lying in election rallies, Trinamool Congress chief Mamta said, the Center has kept the NRC and NPR Bills alive, but the Home Minister had claimed in a gathering that the National Civil Register They have no plans to implement. Mamta said, do not believe them. If they come to power, you too may experience 14 lakh Bengalis in Assam (in the context of the last NRC in the northeast state). The BJP is a dangerous party that is trying to divide Bengal.