Budget session LIVE: President said in his address - no matter how big the challenge, India will not stop

Budget session LIVE: President said in his address - no matter how big the challenge, India will not stop

National Desk: The budget session of Parliament started today. President Ram Nath Kovind reached Parliament from Rashtrapati Bhavan at the beginning of the budget session. He said in his address that whenever India is united, then it has achieved impossible goals. The President said that no matter how big the challenge is, we will not stop and India will not stop.

This joint session of Parliament is very important: Ramnath Kovind 
President Ramnath Kovind said that this joint session of Parliament happening in the era of Corona epidemic is very important. There is also a new year and a new decade and this year we are going to enter the 75th year of independence. In this fight against the epidemic, we lost many countrymen untimely. Dear all of us and my predecessor, President Pranab Mukherjee also passed away during the Corona period. Six Members of Parliament also left us untimely because of Corona. I pay my humble tribute to all. 

PM Modi, said-
Discussion should be done keeping in mind the future of India. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Parliament House and said that discussion should be held in Parliament keeping in mind the future of India. He said that the first session of this decade is starting today, this decade is very important for India's bright future. The golden opportunity has now come to the country to prove the dreams of the freedom-fighters. 

We will abide by all the limitations of democracy: PM Modi
PM Modi said that I believe that the hope and expectation with which the country has sent us to Parliament, we are making full use of this holy place of Parliament, all the limitations of democracy Adhering to this, will not be left behind in its contribution towards the fulfillment of people's aspirations. 

Budget may remain ruckus
This time the budget session is considered to be rude, as the opposition parties have made a strategy to surround the government on the issue of three new agricultural laws, East Ladakh deadlock, economy situation, inflation. The budget session will begin this morning with the President addressing the joint sitting of the two houses and the budget will be presented on 1 February. The 16 opposition parties, including the Congress, have decided to boycott President Ramnath Kovind's address, expressing solidarity with the farmers agitating against the agricultural laws. 

Address been boycotting opposition
president in Parliament by 18 opposition parties, including the day before the Congress, Shiv Sena and Trinamool Congress begins the budget session of parliament country appears solidarity with farmers agitating against agricultural laws Ramnath Has decided to boycott Kovind's address. When the Congress and 15 other parties issued a joint statement announcing the boycott, the Aam Aadmi Party and the Shiromani Akali Dal also announced not to be present during the President's address. The ruling Biju Janata Dal in Odisha has decided that its MPs will attend a joint sitting of the two houses to listen to the President's address. 

Opposition parties have made clear their intentions by 
 declaring the President's address to be boycotted. Opposition parties have prepared a strategy to surround the government on the farmers' movement and related developments with respect to three new agricultural laws. Apart from this, the opposition parties will also strongly raise issues in Parliament in eastern Ladakh, such as the ongoing deadlock with China, the state of the economy, inflation. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been demanding the withdrawal of three agricultural laws. The Congress party has also surrounded the government on the issue of East Ladakh and accused it of not handling it properly. At the same time, AAP's Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh said that his party has opposed agricultural laws and will do so further. The Left parties have also demanded the government to withdraw three new agricultural laws. 

The protocol of Kovid-19 will be followed. The 
Lok Sabha Secretariat said that this time the budget copy, documents and economic survey will be made available online / digitally after being placed on the table of the House and copies of paper will not be available. Like the monsoon session last time, the protocol of Kovid-19 will be followed in this session and the proceedings of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will be conducted in five-hour shifts. The proceedings of the Rajya Sabha will proceed in the morning shift and the proceedings of the Lok Sabha in the evening shift. 

Question period will be in the budget session 
Significantly, the winter session of Parliament could not be called due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. The Question Hour will be held in the budget session. The Question Hour could not be held in the previous session due to time constraints. The meeting of the two houses was also held on Saturday and Sunday in the monsoon session. But these times the Parliament will not meet in the weekend. According to the Lok Sabha Secretariat, this time there will also be non-official business on Friday in the budget session. Non-official business could not be taken up during the monsoon session. During the session, the government will also try to pass two ordinances as law. An ordinance has to be converted into law within 42 days of the commencement of the session otherwise its term expires. Recently Air Quality Management Commission Ordinance 2020 in the National Capital Region and adjoining areas, Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Ordinance 2020 and Jammu Kashmir Reorganization Amendment Ordinance 2021 were issued. It is noteworthy that the first part of the budget session of Parliament will end on 15 February. The second part starts from 8 March and will run till 8 April. 

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

National Desk; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that the BJP brought a large number of outsiders in the campaigning for the Assembly elections, leading to an increase in Kovid cases in the state in recent times. At an election rally here, Mamta accused the BJP-led government at the Center of not responding to the state's request for vaccination of most people. He said that vaccinating people can help in overcoming the spread of the disease. 

Mamta said in the rally, they (BJP leaders) have brought outsiders for campaigning, which increased the Kovid cases. We had overcome the Kovid situation but they made it complicated. Regarding the decision of the Election Commission to ban election campaigning for 24 hours, he said, is it a mistake to ask Hindus, Muslims and others to vote together? What to say about Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is making fun of me in every election meeting? Why was he not prevented from campaigning?

Accusing Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of lying in election rallies, Trinamool Congress chief Mamta said, the Center has kept the NRC and NPR Bills alive, but the Home Minister had claimed in a gathering that the National Civil Register They have no plans to implement. Mamta said, do not believe them. If they come to power, you too may experience 14 lakh Bengalis in Assam (in the context of the last NRC in the northeast state). The BJP is a dangerous party that is trying to divide Bengal.