Coal thieves pelted stones in the stock of Surakchar mine, also threatened the Subarea Manager

Coal thieves pelted stones in the stock of Surakchar mine, also threatened the Subarea Manager

This situation is getting serious day by day. Now a case of assault on the sub-inspector of the Security Department has come to the fore for stealing coal by entering the coal stock of the mine and accepting it. In this case, the police have registered a case against 15 to 20 thieves. The incident is said to have happened around 7 pm on May 10. To prevent theft of coal from Surakchar railway siding, the management has dug a pit around the siding. A gang of thieves was filling the pit with soil.

On this information, SECL security officer Vijay Singh Deora reached the spot. The sub-area manager and senior officers were informed about the incident. Subarea Manager and some officers and employees reached Surakchar Railway Siding along with the soldiers of Tripura State Rifle. Everyone refused to bridge the pit made for safety. The thieves disputed this. Threatened all the officers present on the spot including the sub area manager. He abused them. When the soldiers of Tripura State Rifle tried to stop, the thieves turned on the attack. The thieves attacked the security forces with pieces of coal. Security guard Vijay Singh Deora received injuries in the incident. He was rushed to Mudapar Hospital.

The complaint was lodged at Bankimongra police station. Police have registered a case against 15 to 20 people on the report of Vijay Deora. The thieves have not been identified yet. Police is investigating the case. Vijay lives in the Subhash Block Colony of SECL and is working as a security sub-inspector in Surakchar.

The police did not take action, the thieves took away the coal
The incidents of coal theft are not only limited to Surakchar, but this business of theft has also spread to other areas. Incidents of coal theft are also happening from Kusmunda. Around one truck of coal was kept at one place by stealing coal from the stock of Kusmunda mine. The matter was reported to Kusmunda police. But the police did not seize the stock. Meanwhile, the gang of thieves took away the collected coal.

There is a lack of coordination between the security agencies and the police.
Central Industrial Security and Tripura State Rifles personnel are deployed in the mines apart from the departmental security agency of SECL to prevent coal theft. The help of Home Guard personnel is also taken. There is police outside the mines. But there is a lack of coordination among the agencies. Coal thieves gang is taking advantage of this.

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