Corona curfew still not halted in half MP, 8998 new cases in a day, 40 dead

Corona curfew still not halted in half MP, 8998 new cases in a day, 40 dead

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh, the second wave of corona virus is not taking the name of infection. On Tuesday, 8998 new positive cases were reported in a single day. At the same time, 40 patients died. Talking about the most infected districts are Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur. At the same time, corona is spreading rapidly in Damoh, there 54 new patients came out in a single day. Despite this, the Corona curfew has not been imposed due to the by-election.

Half Madhya Pradesh Locked To
break the chain of corona infection, the Shivraj government has locked half of the state, despite its havoc continues to grow. The state's 23 districts are either fully locked or include urban areas. Corona curfew was imposed in Dindori, Dhar, Hoshangabad, Gwalior on Tuesday evening. Board exams have been postponed. The schools have been closed.

If you talk about the fast growing infection in Bhopal, then in the capital city of Bhopal, then the situation is getting worse from Corona here. Everyday new cases are increasing. 1456 new cases have come in 24 hours. 5 deaths have been recorded in government figures. The police department is also not untouched by this. Alam is that the system in hospitals is falling short. Hospitals are struggling with lack of oxygen, beds, medicines etc.

Indore is becoming a corona hotspot
In Indore, the number of new cases for the second consecutive day was more than 15 hundred. According to the Corona Bulletin released on Tuesday, 1552 new cases were revealed. The ever-growing Corona graph has put governance governance in worry. The health system in hospitals has collapsed. The beds are full in all the major hospitals. Narcotics SI Pannalal Chauhan's 36-year-old son died due to lack of timely treatment. The father alleges that he wandered three hospitals over the son, but did not get treatment. Doctors declared him dead when Choithram arrived at the hospital. Due to the increasing number of patients, a 500-bed temporary center is being set up at Radha Swami Satsang Ashram.

The situation in Jabalpur, Gwalior is uncontrolled
The transition of the second wave appears to be more effective than the first wave of the corona. This time, in Jabalpur and Gwalior, the corona figure is increasing rapidly. 552 new cases were reported in Jabalpur and 576 in Gwalior.

The neglect of the corona in the Damoh by-election may be overwhelming
even though the Shivraj government has not imposed a corona curfew in Damoh due to the impeachment. But Corona is not in a mood to bribe the Damohwasi. On Tuesday, 54 new cases were reported in a single day in the district. Constant political rallies can prove to be a danger bell for Damoh residents.

Efforts to disturb peace in Kashmir fail, heavy grenade recovered from terrorist hideout

Efforts to disturb peace in Kashmir fail, heavy grenade recovered from terrorist hideout

National Desk: Security forces raided a hideout of militants in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district on Sunday and recovered 19 grenades. Security forces also foiled a terrorist plan to disturb peace in the border district with grenade attacks.

No arrests yet,
a defense spokesman said that no one was arrested during the operation. The operation was jointly carried out by the army and police in Fagla area of ​​Surankot. Rashtriya Rifles and police conducted a joint operation in Phagla area on the basis of accurate information on the security forces being targeted by the militants on NH 144A (Jammu-Poonch Highway).

Heavy grenade recovered from the grenade The
spokesperson said that both agencies recovered a huge cache of grenades hidden in a natural cave-like hideout. A total of 19 grenades have been recovered. ”He said that the recovery of the grenade foiled a conspiracy to disrupt peace in Poonch.

 The second major case of seizure of the explosives, the
spokesperson said, revealed that the hideout had foiled a major conspiracy to attack the security forces. The army and police have once again proved their courage to fulfill the commitment to fight against terrorism and to maintain stability in the region. "This is the second major case of explosives seizures in the Jammu region in the last few days." Security forces had recovered a huge cache of arms and explosives from Chakarandi village in Doda district on Saturday.