From Banaskantha to Banaras, Governor handed over Gir cows to cattle herders

From Banaskantha to Banaras, Governor handed over Gir cows to cattle herders

Varanasi. There are discussions of Gir cow of Gujarat all over the world. Gir milk is considered extremely beneficial for the body. This is the reason why the demand for Gir cow is increasing rapidly. Governor Anandi Ben Patel, who arrived in Varanasi on his two-day visit, distributed gir cows to 14 cattle rearers of Varanasi.

Banaskantha got a different identity from the Gir cow

In a program organized at Shahshahpur Gaushala, Governor Anandiben Patel distributed gir cows brought from Gujarat to 14 cattle ranchers. Addressing the event organized by Banas Dairy, he said that Gujarat-Uttar Pradesh has been linked with the intention and inspiration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Wherever there is good work, it is taken to another place.

The Banas kantha of Gujarat was very backward. Work took place when PM Modi came to government in Gujarat. Education elder, drinking Narmada water and reached the fields. Today Banas has become the best district. The Banas dairy produces 84 lakh liters of milk daily. Their milk products are sold in the world. Malnutrition is a concern in the country. Almost every minute a child dies in the country. The Prime Minister has operated several schemes. Nutrition Mission, Institutional Delivery, Nutrition of Pregnant Women. They have brought good results.

The governor counted the specialty of the Gir cow

Governor Anandiben Patel said that the Gir cows express their happiness and sorrow. Treat the cow like children. The cow talks with the eyes. Household fights have an effect on the cow. The environment of the house has an effect on cow's milk. If there is a good environment then there will be more milk. Gir cow Krishna is the cow of God, he used to play flute and talk. Now the Gir cow is coming to Banaras.

Banaras is the land of sages, saints and Ganges. Now it is becoming a cow land. The cow sanctifies the land. On the honor of women, he said that daughter-in-law should be taken as daughter and daughter should be taken as son. Connect women power with development. Women serve more in cows than in households.

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

National Desk; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that the BJP brought a large number of outsiders in the campaigning for the Assembly elections, leading to an increase in Kovid cases in the state in recent times. At an election rally here, Mamta accused the BJP-led government at the Center of not responding to the state's request for vaccination of most people. He said that vaccinating people can help in overcoming the spread of the disease. 

Mamta said in the rally, they (BJP leaders) have brought outsiders for campaigning, which increased the Kovid cases. We had overcome the Kovid situation but they made it complicated. Regarding the decision of the Election Commission to ban election campaigning for 24 hours, he said, is it a mistake to ask Hindus, Muslims and others to vote together? What to say about Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is making fun of me in every election meeting? Why was he not prevented from campaigning?

Accusing Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of lying in election rallies, Trinamool Congress chief Mamta said, the Center has kept the NRC and NPR Bills alive, but the Home Minister had claimed in a gathering that the National Civil Register They have no plans to implement. Mamta said, do not believe them. If they come to power, you too may experience 14 lakh Bengalis in Assam (in the context of the last NRC in the northeast state). The BJP is a dangerous party that is trying to divide Bengal.