G-7 Summit: It is not possible to meet global challenges without India, PM Modi will raise these issues at G-7

G-7 Summit: It is not possible to meet global challenges without India, PM Modi will raise these issues at G-7

Developed countries are fully aware that they need India's cooperation to face the challenges facing the world right now. This is the reason why India is constantly being invited to the meeting of seven countries (G-7) with the strongest economic power in the world. This was stated by Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra. Kwatra was giving information about the participation of PM Narendra Modi in the top-level meeting of G-7 countries to be held in Germany from June 26-27, 2022.

Modi will take India's stand on the food crisis

Vinay Kwatra said that PM Modi will explain India's stand to these countries about the challenges that have arisen regarding energy prices and food supply after the Ukraine-Russia war. This meeting of G-7 countries assumes importance in view of the global environment arising out of Russia's attack on Ukraine.

There may be an attempt to tighten the noose on Russia

On the other hand, it is also believed that the seven countries of the group will propose to implement international sanctions on Russia more strongly. Along with this, a strategy will be made about how to isolate Russia economically.

These countries have been invited

India, Indonesia, South Africa, Argentina, and Senegal have been specially invited to this meeting of heads of states of America, France, Britain, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Italy. It is also believed that the Group of Seven countries is trying to unite the democratic countries so that a strategy can be made on the challenges emerging from Russia and China. Although India has been a frequent invitee to the top-level meetings of the G-7 in recent years, the atmosphere this time is different.

India's acceptance increased

Kwatra said that our continued participation in the G-7 meeting shows that India's acceptance among these countries is also increasing and these countries are recognizing that India's cooperation is necessary to face global challenges. He also told me that PM Modi will stay in UAE for a few hours while returning from G-7. This will be his first visit to the UAE after 2019.

bilateral meeting with UAE

Energy and food cooperation will be particularly discussed in the bilateral meeting with the new President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed. India currently needs UAE for its energy security while UAE needs India's help for food security. Kwatra also clarified that there is no pressure from any country on the issue of energy purchases with Russia. India has made it clear from the beginning that keeping in mind the energy security, its companies will follow the policy of buying oil from wherever it is needed.

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