Gujarat civic elections: Owaisi's victory, will Muslims of Gujarat unite

Gujarat civic elections: Owaisi's victory, will Muslims of Gujarat unite

Lucknow : Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are very happy with the tremendous success of BJP in Gujarat civic elections. The position of Congress and AAP is also being watched by people, but if you look at this big scenario, Asad ud din Owaisi's entry in this heartbeat state of BJP is shocking. Of course it is a knock but a bell of danger for the BJP.

Owaisi's party fielded 21 candidates in the civic elections for the first time in Gujarat and the better thing for him was that nine of his candidates won. It will be called a strong position for Owaisi in Gujarat and this is enough to increase the discomfort of the BJP.

If you look at the performance of Muslims in this civic election, then Owaisi's entry in Gujarat's civic election forced the BJP to strategically place Muslim candidates in some seats instead of marginalizing or avoiding Muslims. While the Congress also fielded 24 Muslim candidates, twenty won.

BJP may be forced to change strategy in assembly elections

The situation is that the BJP and the Congress are currently seen as big parties in the Gujarat civic elections, but the victory of Hyderabad-based Asaduddin Owaisi's party AIMIM is a sign of polarization of Muslim votes and Muslim vote bank for Congress. It may also force the BJP to change its strategy in the assembly elections ahead.

Of the 320 seats in the local body of Bharuch district, the BJP had to field 31 Muslims as its candidate, while in Gujarat, the BJP has been avoiding Muslim candidates with a staunch Hindutva agenda. Be it the Lok Sabha elections or the assembly elections, the BJP has not fielded any Muslim candidate from this state in the last 3 decades. The victory of Muslim candidates is also a setback for the BJP's Rashtriya Muslim Manch. He failed to bring the Muslim community in favor of the BJP.

Effect on tribal votes

Tribal votes have also been affected by the joining of the Tribal Party of India in the alliance of AIMIM. The Congress is worried about this alliance and the BJP may also have to suffer big losses in future politics due to this alliance. Muslims in Gujarat believe that they are described as Pakistanis and traitors when they fight the BJP for their rights, while the RSS brokers for fighting the Congress.

Khalasi stabbed the truck driver brutally and stabbed him to death, know the reason

Khalasi stabbed the truck driver brutally and stabbed him to death, know the reason

Kaushambi: After a dispute on Tuesday on the National Highway-2 of Saini police station area of ​​Kaushambi district, the assistant truck driver stabbed the truck driver with multiple stab wounds, in which the driver was seriously injured and died during treatment. happened.

According to police sources, Irshad (34), a resident of Bareilly, was a truck driver and a youth named Rajaram worked as an assistant with him. He said that in the morning there was a dispute between Irshad and Rajaram near Khaga town of Fatehpur district, after which Rajaram stabbed Irshad with several knives and escaped from the spot.

He said that after the incident, Irshad somehow dared to take the truck to Azhuwa market in Kaushambi district, seeing people in his injured state, he informed the police. Police reached the spot and sent Irshad to the district hospital, where Irshad died during treatment. Police Station Tej Pratap Singh said that Irshad was going from Indore to Patna with a truck. He said that a case is being registered against the accused and a search is on for him. The body has been sent for postmortem.