Highest honor to Aastha, Chhathvratis were welcomed by laying red carpet in Odisha

Highest honor to Aastha, Chhathvratis were welcomed by laying red carpet in Odisha

A new example of religious faith has been seen in Odisha. The red carpet welcome of the devotees was done on Chhath, the great festival of nature and faith in the state. In fact, a mass Chhath Puja was organized here on behalf of the Bihar Social Welfare Assistance Society (Vishvas). Where red carpets were laid to welcome the Chhathvratis at the New Balyatra Maidan located on the Kuakhai River in the capital Bhubaneswar.

Chhath Puja is organized every year by the organization, but this time the event won the hearts of the people. The Chhathvratis was welcomed by the organization in a unique way. A red carpet was laid here for a distance of about 200 meters near the water stream. Apart from this, along with decorating Chhath Ghat in a very beautiful way, all the facilities of the people coming here were taken care of.

Odisha – Ashok Panda, the messenger of peace, goodwill, and friendship
On this occasion, the Chief Guest Odisha Tourism Minister Ashok Panda said that Odisha is a state which is a message carrier of peace, goodwill, and friendship. The brotherhood established here today has given a new identity to Odisha all over the world. The peaceful environment here has given a boost to the economic ecosystem. This has increased the interest of investors in the state. Minister Ashok Panda said that today people from different communities from different provinces including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand live here. As much diversity is here, there is a brotherhood here. The calm atmosphere here has given a message of friendship and goodwill to the whole world. He said that immigrant people have an important contribution to the development of Odisha today.

Mayor and officials also came to offer prayers
On the occasion of Chhath, Mayor of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation Sulochana Das, ADG Amitabh Thakur, Director of Forensic Lab and many other senior officials also came to offer Arghya to Lord Surya. At the same time, in view of the huge crowd on Chhath Puja, steps were also taken by the organization regarding security. After a safe distance in the river, the danger sign was surrounded with bamboo and ribbon, so that no one could go beyond it. Apart from this, an ambulance was also deployed at the spot so that medical facilities could be provided if needed. Biswas President Sanjay Jha, Secretary Chandrashekhar Singh, and Vice President Ajay Bahadur Singh along with their team were ready to welcome and protect the visitors. Ashok Pandey conducted the stage.

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