Imran on the back foot after criticism

Imran on the back foot after criticism

Imran Khan has come on the back foot due to the criticism after the anti-Army statements. Addressing the workers on Sunday, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the organizational criticism of the army was not intended to harm it. Our party wants the Pakistan Army to be stronger than before. He further said that his criticism of the army so far has been constructive.

Actually, Imran Khan has announced the 'Hakiki Azadi March' from Lahore to Islamabad. During this, he is constantly targeting the army and the government. This move of Imran Khan has created a situation of political deadlock in the country.

India should not be in misunderstanding
Imran Khan said I want our army to be strong because we need a strong army. He clarified that the criticism made by him is being misunderstood. In such a situation, India should not remain in a misunderstanding. We stand with our army. He said, the army is ours and I can never be against it.

we can't support thieves
Attacking the government, Imran Khan said, the army supported the new government. If the army thinks that we should also support the thieves, then I am sorry. I cannot support this move of the country.

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