In the UN Peacekeeping Force, the number of America's soldiers, who became the world's superpower, is negligible, know where India comes

In the UN Peacekeeping Force, the number of America's soldiers, who became the world's superpower, is negligible, know where India comes

The whole world should be proud of the two Indian heroes who were martyred during the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo. These soldiers not only laid down their lives in protecting the borders of the country but also contributed to the peace in the world. Let us tell you that apart from India, there are soldiers of many countries in the United Nations Peace Mission.

died during the performance

Talking about the Indian soldiers who were martyred during the mission in Congo, both these soldiers were martyred when there was a strong protest against the United Nations Mission in Congo. During this, these protesters snatched weapons from the soldiers of the peace mission and opened fire on them. Dozens of other people were also injured during this. India has demanded that the United Nations should take action by bringing within the ambit of the law those who took the lives of two Indian soldiers. Meanwhile, UN Deputy Spokesperson Farhan has said that the reports of all the soldiers martyred during this demonstration will be investigated. The United Nations Secretary-General has also condemned the incident and expressed his condolences to the families of both the Indian soldiers.

Europe is also behind in the peacekeeping unit

The United Nations Peacekeeping Force is operated under the Department of Peace Operations of the United Nations. United Nations figures show that in the year 2019, there was 100411 personnel under this peacekeeping force. This included 86145 uniformed soldiers, 12932 civilians, and 1334 volunteers. There are about 6 thousand units from European countries in this peacekeeping force, while about 8-8 thousand units from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are included. Apart from this, there are about 44 thousand units of African countries in it.

Bangladesh is at the fore of peacekeepers

Every year, the number of peacekeepers in different countries keeps on increasing or decreasing. Like in the year 2020, there was the highest number of soldiers under the UN mission. At the same time, in 2013, Pakistan had the highest number of soldiers. In 2015, again, most of Bangladesh's soldiers became a part of this peace mission. The UN's figures for 2021 show that the largest number of soldiers in its peacekeeping force are from Bangladesh. After this, the number Nepal comes and the name of India is number three.

The world's most powerful countries are behind in peacekeeping forces

The most interesting thing about these figures of Yun is that the number of soldiers of America, which calls itself the world's superpower, is negligible. Similarly, there are China, England, New Zealand, Australia, and France.

Most Indian soldiers lost their lives in 2018

United Nations figures show that during their 'peacekeeping mission' in the year 2018, about 3767 soldiers from 100 countries lost their lives in different missions. Most of these soldiers were martyrs of India. The soldiers coming under the UN peacekeeping mission get an income of around $ 1400. Apart from this, the soldiers who have joined as specialists get a separate amount of about $ 70. This amount is available for their clothes and their equipment. Apart from this, they are given 5 dollars separately for personal weapons.

Most Indian soldiers lost their lives in the Congo

The latest UN figures show that 4207 soldiers have died in UN peacekeeping forces during 2021-22. Most of these deaths have occurred from the soldiers of Asian and African countries. According to the figures, among those who lost their lives in these missions, India has the highest number of 175 soldiers, 166 from Pakistan, and 160 soldiers from Bangladesh. If we talk about the deaths of Indian soldiers only, then under peace missions in different countries like UNMISS / 2,403 soldiers in South Sudan, 2,041 soldiers in MONUSCO / Congo, 895 soldiers in UNIFIL / Lebanon, and UNDOF / Arab-Israeli war. After - 200 jawans have been killed. Recently two BSF jawans who were martyred in Congo, Shishupal Singh, and Sanwala Ram Vishnoi were deployed under the MONUSCO mission.

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