India, America, Israel, and UAE to strengthen alliance for food security

India, America, Israel, and UAE to strengthen alliance for food security

The meeting of the heads of India, Israel, the US, and the UAE (I2U2) next month could play an important role in finding solutions to concerns over the global food supply. The above four countries will find a way to reconcile their capabilities in the food supply. This was stated by Ambassador Enat Shalen, head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry's agency MASHAV (International Assistance Center). Speaking to reporters at the conclusion of his one-week visit to India, Shalen said that i2u2 will prove to be a very unique alliance. The effort is to make a clear and transparent agenda in which other countries can also join in the future.

He said that together the four countries can make a big difference in terms of food security. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Israeli PM Naftali Bennett, and UAE (United Arab Emirates) President Mohamed bin Zayed will attend the first meeting of I2U2's top leaders. This meeting is linked to the politics of West Asian countries. This new coalition, built on the lines of the Quad, is also being seen in the context of broad recognition of the Abraham Treaty made by the US to improve relations between Israel and the Gulf countries. The US State Department said this a few days ago and on Thursday the head of the Israeli agency Mashev also said this.

What is the Abrahamic Treaty

The Abrahamic Treaty was announced last year by the US, UAE, and Israel. Its purpose is to improve reconciliation between Israel and the Arab countries. India supports this treaty. Mashav will also give full help to this alliance.

Let us inform you that in view of the challenges posed by China's aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific region, India is active along with the US, Japan, and Australia in the established quad. On the lines of Quad, the agenda of I2U2, formed by merging West Asian countries, is being told as more economic. It is believed that after the meeting of the top leaders, the agenda of the new alliance will be more clear. It is certain that in the upcoming meeting, the concerns about food security in the situation arising out of the Ukraine-Russia war will be specially considered.

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