It took 1 crore to find the missing woman, later caught with her boyfriend

It took 1 crore to find the missing woman, later caught with her boyfriend

A very strange case has come to light from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh where a missing married girl was found walking in Nellore with her boyfriend. According to reports, there was a possibility of the girl drowning in the sea, due to which the Indian Navy and Coast Guard conducted a 36-hour search operation and spent around 10 million in the search. Not only this, helicopters and even 3 ships were installed to search for the missing girl.

what is the whole matter?

A 23-year-old married woman had come to Visakhapatnam's RK Beach on Monday to celebrate her wedding anniversary with her husband. During this, the couple spent time on the beach after visiting the Simhachalam temple. Both clicked photos from their mobiles on the seashore and made some videos. Meanwhile, someone's call came on the husband's mobile and he got busy talking. At the same time, his wife started taking a selfie from his mobile. After this, when the conversation ended on the husband's call, he started looking around to find his wife. When the wife was nowhere to be seen, she called him but still, nothing could be found. The troubled husband complained to the local Three Town police station to search the wife and also informed the in-laws including his family members.

The police feared that the girl might have been hit by the waves of the sea. Given this, the police started the search with the help of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. To find the woman, the Navy deployed 3 ships and a helicopter, but still, nothing was found. Meanwhile, the story takes a new twist, the missing woman texts her mother and informs her about her location and tells her that she has come to Nellore Bhai with her lover. Apart from this, the woman requested not to take any action against herself and her lover. Inspector K. According to Rama Rao, the woman herself shared the information about her location, due to which the truth came out. According to officials, the missing woman is a resident of Visakhapatnam and was married to a youth resident of Srikakulam in 2020.

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