ivory traders sent to 15 days judicial custody

ivory traders sent to 15 days judicial custody

In the joint action of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Delhi and Jodhpur Forest Department Wildlife Board, two people from Jodhpur who were trading in ivory ornaments were arrested and presented before the Judicial Magistrate in the court, where both the accused were sent to judicial custody for 15 days. Orders were given to send him into custody. Both the accused, caught by the team, were called with the goods to a hotel located on Medical College Residency Road by the team members posing as bogus customers on information that they were trading items made of ivory online.

The accused was caught in this way

On receiving information from the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau about the online sale of items made of ivory in Jodhpur three days ago, on the instructions of Vijay Borana, Deputy Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Jodhpur, a team was formed under the leadership of Krishna Kumar Vyas, Assistant Conservator of Forests. Gaya. After talking to a boy named Abid Sheikh as an imaginary customer in the hotel, the forest department team reached the hotel with the intention of selling bangles, lockets etc. made of ivory. In the hotel, Ranger Bhuraram Vishnoi of Wildlife Team, other members of Wildlife Flying Squad, Ramsilal, Ganpat Singh, Assistant Forester and Tararam Sirvin, Bhagirath Latiyal, Rohit Balani, Banwari Lal, Banshilal, Shivlal, Nirma Devi etc. Forest guards caught him with his belongings. .

asked about the source of the confiscated items from him in the ivory product hotel found in the search of the factory of the accused , due to not being able to give a satisfactory answer, taking action under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, started the inquiry. In the investigation of the case, another person Kishan Singh was caught on the spot in Sangaria area. In whose pocket products made of ivory were found. Items made of ivory were found there after questioning both the accused and gathering other information from mobile etc., as well as searching the factory of the accused.

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