Kejriwal furious over the question of the Uniform Civil Code in Gujarat

Kejriwal furious over the question of the Uniform Civil Code in Gujarat

Before the announcement of the assembly elections in Gujarat, the discussions regarding the Uniform Citizenship Code intensified. The BJP is in favor of it, while the opposition leaders are protesting. Meanwhile, when Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was asked a question about the Uniform Citizenship Code, he got furious. Without naming the BJP, he said that there is a flaw in his intention.

Kejriwal said this thing
Arvind Kejriwal said that Article 44 of the Constitution clearly states that it is the responsibility of the government to implement the Uniform Civil Code. So the government should implement it. At the same time, it should be made in such a way that there is the consent of all the communities, but there is a flaw in their intention.

Uttarakhand elections cited
Kejriwal also referred to the Uttarakhand assembly elections during this period. He said that even before the Uttarakhand elections, a committee was formed, which went to its home after winning the election. Now the same work is being done in Gujarat also. After the election, the committee here will also go to its home.

The question raised on UP-MP
Kejriwal asked that if Uniform Civil Code has to be implemented then why not in Madhya Pradesh? Why not make it in Uttar Pradesh? If their intention was to implement the Uniform Civil Code, why not make it and implement it in the country? Are they waiting for the Lok Sabha elections? They do not have to implement Uniform Civil Code, rather they have bad intentions.

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