Maharashtra Political Crisis: After MLAs, Shinde got the support of 17 Shiv Sena MPs, Shinde will also stake a claim on the election symbol

Maharashtra Political Crisis: After MLAs, Shinde got the support of 17 Shiv Sena MPs, Shinde will also stake a claim on the election symbol

The political crisis in Maharashtra is deepening. More than the MVA government, this crisis is now increasing for Shiv Sena and the Uddhav Thackeray family. While CM Uddhav Thackeray vacated the government bungalow, Eknath Shinde is still adamant and is frozen in Assam, where the support he got is increasing. 41 MLAs have reached Guwahati in Assam. It is reported that now 17 Shiv Sena MPs have also given support to Shinde. The names of five MPs have also been cleared. It is also being said that Eknath Shinde, excited by the support he has received, will now stake a claim on the Shiv Sena's election symbol, arrows, and arrows.

At the same time, Uddhav Thackeray has called a meeting of the remaining MLAs today at 11.30. The names of the 16 MLAs who are left with CM Uddhav Thackeray are being given below - see their list
Aditya Thackeray (Minister)
Uday Samant (Minister)
Chimanrao Patil
Rahul Patil
Santosh Bangar
Vaibhav Naik
Sunil Raut
Ravindra Vaykar
Sunil Prabhu
Dilip Lande
Prakash Farfecker
Sanjay Potnis
Ajay Choudhary
Kailas Ghadge Patil
Bhaskar Jadhav
Rajan Salvi

Congress and NCP leaders are brainstorming

In view of the unprecedented crisis in the government, Sharad Pawar's meeting with NCP leaders is also being held today. The meeting of NCP chief Sharad Pawar and NCP MLAs will be held at 11 am. Congress leaders are also churning. After this these leaders will again meet with Uddhav Thackeray.

BJP is waiting

BJP is keeping an eye on the current situation of Political Crisis in Maharashtra. But still, the BJP is waiting to clear the picture of Shiv Sena's internal battle on the Maharashtra crisis. If sources are to be believed, BJP has also started work on the possibilities of forming the government. BJP wants the Shinde faction to stake a claim on Shiv Sena's symbol. From then on Shiv Sena will be completely out of control of Uddhav Thackeray. BJP is also in touch with many smaller parties and independent MLAs. In the event of Maha Vikas Aghadi's government falling, BJP will stake claim to form the government.
MP is also in support of Shinde

Not only MLAs, 17 MPs came in support of Eknath Shinde Along with MLAs in Maharashtra, now MPs are also seen coming in support of Eknath Shinde. It is being told that 17 MPs are in touch with Eknath Shinde. Thane MP Rajan Vichare is present in Guwahati. Wasim MP Bhavna Gawli, Palghar MP Rajendra Gavit, Ramtek MP Krupal, and Kalyan MP Shrikant Shinde have also given their support.

Shinde can take strategic decisions today

After meeting with the MLAs who came in his support, Shinde can take a big decision today. The further strategy will be decided in this meeting, after which a separate group letter can be given to the Governor. It is being told that excited by the support of the total MLAs, Shinde is planning a strategy to stake a claim on the party's symbol as well.
BJP is waiting

BJP is still in the role of waiting for spectators. According to the information received, BJP will not come forward until Eknath Shinde's faction withdraws its support from MVA. Today Eknath Shinde's group can give a letter to the governor and talk about withdrawing their support to the MVA government. After that BJP will take further steps. Sources claim that BJP will start its activities only when everything is done correctly so that the past mistake is not repeated.

Shinde's clan is increasing
Till Wednesday, it was being said that there are 38 MLAs who have reached Guwahati from Surat with Eknath Shinde, and by the time this morning, 7 more MLAs have left Uddhav's side and reached Guwahati. In this way, the number of MLAs of Shinde pro-Maharashtra in Guwahati has crossed 45, and in this also the number of MLAs more than the magic number of 37 is being told of Shiv Sena MLAs only. According to sources, the MLAs who have reached Guwahati on Wednesday include Chandrakant Patil, Yogesh Kadam, Manjula Gavit, and Gulabrao Patil. Manjula Gavit and Chandrakant Patil are independent MLAs, while Yogesh Kadam and Gulabrao Patil are Shiv Sena MLAs.
Uddhav government is set to fall
Talking about the numbers game, Eknath Shinde claims that he has so many Shiv Sena MLAs with him that the anti-defection law becomes ineffective. That is, the survival of the Uddhav government is finding it difficult. Sharad Pawar, who said that Uddhav Thackeray left the official residence and offered the chief minister's post for Eknath Shinde, and the Congress have already given the message by putting the ball in the court of Shiv Sena that the Uddhav government is gone.

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