Monkeypox strain found in the country is not a 'super spreader', genome sequencing of two infected came to the fore

Monkeypox strain found in the country is not a 'super spreader', genome sequencing of two infected came to the fore

Genome sequencing of the first two infected patients of monkeypox found in the country has revealed that the virus found in Europe and America is not in India. The European strain is a super spreader. The A.2 clade of the virus has been found in both patients from Kerala, which was found in Florida last year. The strain which is currently spreading all over the world has no relation to India.

Senior scientist of CSIR-IGIB based in New Delhi said that more than 60 percent of monkeypox cases in the world are being found in Europe. There the B.1 clade of the virus is spreading rapidly, which is being linked to sex among homosexuals. The study, published in the New England Medical Journal, found 98% of the 540 patients to be homosexual.

Dr. Vinod Scaria, Senior Professor, IGIB, says that "A.2 clade of the virus is peculiar in many ways. This means that it is clearly not linked to the super spreader of Europe. It also turns out that the monkeypox virus has reached other countries from Europe a long time ago."

Director of Loknayak Hospital Delhi, Dr. Suresh Kumar said, "We have two patients admitted right now. One is suspected and the other is infected. The infected are being given antiviral drugs and their condition is stable. Fever is under control but skin rash is under control. I still have pus. I think he will be kept under observation for a few more days. There has been no need to admit any patient to the ICU."

A.2 clade in patients from Kerala
A senior scientist of CSIR-IGIB said that the situation in India is very different from Europe or America. Patients from India do not have this clade. Sequence samples of two patients from Kerala. One of them is currently in isolation. Both fell ill after returning from abroad. Among them is the A.2 clade of monkeypox which was found in Florida, Thailand, and Vietnam in 2021. Second, we are seeing a distinct set of human-to-human virus spreads that may possibly go unrecognized for years.

Just beginning like Corona: Dr. Narendra
Dr. Narendra Kumar, a professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, USA, says that like corona, monkeypox is still in its early stages in India. Originally a resident of Magorra village of Mathura district of UP, Dr. Kumar has done Ph.D. in HIV/AIDS from Delhi AIIMS. In June, he had feared an increase in the cases of monkeypox.

All four patients are better than before
So far three infected have been found in Kerala. Quarantined more than 40 who came in contact with them, but no symptoms have been found in any. All three patients are admitted to two hospitals and their condition is stable. -Doctor. Preetha PP, Director General, Kerala Health Department

Men limit sex partners: WHO
Regarding monkeypox, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has advised that men who are at risk of contracting monkeypox should consider limiting the number of sexual partners for the time being. Since the outbreak of monkeypox began last May, 98 percent of those infected are from the gay community who have sex with men.

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