Murder shaken Maharashtra: murder of owner's wife, wanted to have sex

Murder shaken Maharashtra: murder of owner's wife, wanted to have sex

Thane: The incidents of rape with women in the country are not taking the name of stopping. Meanwhile, a shocking incident has emerged from Thane district of Maharashtra. In fact, here a woman was killed by a young man simply because he flatly refused to have sex with the man. It is being told in the case that the woman was the wife of the owner of the accused.

If the woman refused, she died

According to the information, a young man wanted to have sex with his shop owner's wife, but the woman denied this and threatened to complain to the young man of her husband. After which the young man stabbed the woman to death with a sharp weapon. The incident took place in Dombivli in Thane district on Sunday.

Police arrested the accused

At the same time, the 20-year-old accused in the case has been arrested by the Manpada police station. The accused has been identified as Guddu Kumar alias Ranjan. It is being told that the accused youth worked at a grocery store in Dombivali. On Sunday, the shop owner called him to have dinner at his house.

What is the whole matter?

Before dinner, the shop owner and his wife had drinks and started talking. Meanwhile, the owner got an urgent call and went out of the house for work. After which only his wife and employee Ranjan was alone in the house. During this, Ranjan expressed his desire to have sex with his boss's wife, taking advantage.

A young man escaped after the death of a woman

Not only this, he started pressuring the owner's wife to do so. At this the woman became very angry and threatened Ranjan that she would tell her husband about this act of hers. After which Ranjan got nervous and attacked the woman with a sharp edge and killed her with a knife. After committing the crime, the accused escaped from there.

The accused confessed his crime

When the shop owner returned to his house, seeing the wife bled with blood, the ground slid from under her feet. He rushed the woman to the hospital without delay, but the woman was declared dead there. At the same time, when the police came to know about this incident, he raided a slum in the same area and caught the accused Ranjan. After being caught, the accused told the whole incident during interrogation and also confessed his crime.

Heart touching video, doctor made top of corona patient ... IPS said - Corona Warriors are also sharing love

Heart touching video, doctor made top of corona patient ... IPS said - Corona Warriors are also sharing love

National Desk: The second wave of Corona virus is causing great havoc in the country. More than one lakh cases are being reported in the country every day. Many patients are undergoing treatment in the hospital. In such a situation, doctors and corona warriors should take care of the patients so that they do not miss their loved ones. One such video is becoming viral on social media, which you will also get emotional by seeing. At the same time, people are also praising Corona Warriors and doctors that in such conditions they are sharing good bonds with patients.

The video has been shared by IAS officer Dipanshu Kabra. Along with the video he captioned that "Not only healing, family love is also sharing our #CoronaWarriors .. This video is touching the heart of people." The video shows a woman suffering from a corona sitting on the hospital bed and a health worker wearing a PPE kit standing in front of her, teaching her how to exercise. As the health worker is doing, so does the woman. After some time, the same health worker Corona starts making hair of the patient. One thing is clear by watching this video that the health worker Corona patients are not letting the lack of their loved ones.

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