Muslims should stop spreading rumours, rumors affect peace and security - Shahar Qazi

Muslims should stop spreading rumours, rumors affect peace and security - Shahar Qazi

The preparations for the birthday of Pangbar-e-Islam are in full swing. Eid-Miladunnavi will be celebrated this time on 18 October. However, religious places programs have started regarding this. In this episode, a program was organized in Kithore. In which Muslim religious leaders called titles in the glory of Prophet-e-Islam and gave the message of peace in peace to the people.

In the program Ulama Syed said that Jashn-e-Chirag is held in the joy of the birthday of Prophet-e-Islam. He said, 'O believers! If any liar or wicked person comes to you with any news, confirm it, lest you harm people in ignorance and later you will regret your actions.' He said that when the companions of the Prophet Muhammad took refuge in Abyssinia, they were safe. However, someone spread the false news that the Qureshi believers have become Muslims in Mecca. As a result, some of the companions returned to Mecca, where they found that the report was not accurate. As a result, he was persecuted by Qureshi. All this happened because of rumours.

Being a Muslim one should always verify and weigh the news brought by any person. The spread of fake news is never accidental which can be done for entertainment, rather it is always serious and has far-reaching effects. Islam hates it.

Shahrqazi Imam Ahmed said during this time that a Muslim should refrain from spreading rumours, which can be done only if a Muslim first confirms the news after hearing it. It took a lot of effort to substantiate what the Prophet actually said. Imam Muslim introduced his compilation of authentic hadith with a chapter entitled, "A series of verifications in which statements are accepted only from reliable sources. In the meantime, the message was also given to Muslims to engage with the media. So that People can keep an understanding of their good and bad in the mainstream.

Dr. Shamim Ahmed, Professor, JNU, said that what works as a source of information is that social media (both print and electronic) has the power to reach out to millions of people rather than media and especially literature. Most of the people, especially those who lack knowledge, believe everything available on the media and do not care to investigate it. And these vested interests create and circulate fake news on Muslims or Hindus and use them to create hatred among them for political gains. People believe these news and gradually begin to hate the other community, ultimately resulting in a hateful, judgmental mentality. Islam has always banned the spread of fake news since its early days.

It is an indisputable right of any society to enjoy peace and security. Anything disturbing the social peace must be removed immediately. Muslims should stop spreading rumours, as rumors affect peace and security and promote fear.

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