PM Modi said in NITI Aayog meeting, respect private sector energy

PM Modi said in NITI Aayog meeting, respect private sector energy

New Delhi. Modi 's policy panel chaired by the governing council meeting. During this, he said that during the Kovid we have seen how the central and state government have worked together to make the country successful. This has created a positive image of the country globally. Many states have worked towards rapid development. He said that the Center and the states should work together and development should be the prime agenda.

He said that making cooperative federalism more meaningful and not only that, we have to take competitive cooperative federalism not only between the states, but also to the district. So that the competition of development continues continuously.

Over 24 million houses built

The Prime Minister said that more than 24 million houses have been built in rural and urban India since 2014. Another initiative is going on in which houses are being built in six states in India with modern technology. Stronger houses will be built with new models in a few months.

He said that more than 3.5 crore rural families have been connected with pipe connections in the last 18 months only after the Water Life Mission came into existence. Bharat Net Yojana has also become a major variable facility to connect our villages to the Internet. If the center and states work together in all such schemes, the pace of work will also increase. 

The Prime Minister said that we are also seeing how the private sector of the country is coming forward with more enthusiasm in this development journey of the country. As a government, we also have to honor this enthusiasm, the energy of the private sector and give it as much opportunity in the self-reliant India campaign. He said that the self-reliant India campaign is the way to build an India that produces not only for its own needs but also for the world, and these production also stood the test of world superiority.

He said that the country has made up its mind to move at a fast pace and not waste time. Youth has played an important role in this change. India's private sector is also coming forward with energy.

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

Mamta's attack on Modi, said- BJP brought outsiders for election campaign, which increases Corona cases

National Desk; West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday alleged that the BJP brought a large number of outsiders in the campaigning for the Assembly elections, leading to an increase in Kovid cases in the state in recent times. At an election rally here, Mamta accused the BJP-led government at the Center of not responding to the state's request for vaccination of most people. He said that vaccinating people can help in overcoming the spread of the disease. 

Mamta said in the rally, they (BJP leaders) have brought outsiders for campaigning, which increased the Kovid cases. We had overcome the Kovid situation but they made it complicated. Regarding the decision of the Election Commission to ban election campaigning for 24 hours, he said, is it a mistake to ask Hindus, Muslims and others to vote together? What to say about Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is making fun of me in every election meeting? Why was he not prevented from campaigning?

Accusing Prime Minister Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of lying in election rallies, Trinamool Congress chief Mamta said, the Center has kept the NRC and NPR Bills alive, but the Home Minister had claimed in a gathering that the National Civil Register They have no plans to implement. Mamta said, do not believe them. If they come to power, you too may experience 14 lakh Bengalis in Assam (in the context of the last NRC in the northeast state). The BJP is a dangerous party that is trying to divide Bengal.