PM Modi's appeal and construction of logistics hub, only action plan made in seven years

PM Modi's appeal and construction of logistics hub, only action plan made in seven years

 After Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal to make Madhya Pradesh a logistics hub in the Global Investors' Conference, a detailed action plan was laid by the Madhya Pradesh government at the Global Investors' Summit, Indore in 2014. This also included a proposal to set up a logistics hub at Katni. Then for this it was told to look till the ground in Katni. It would be surprising to know that even after seven years of the Investors Summit, the work of setting up a logistics hub in Katni has remained limited to the preparation of an action plan.

On Tuesday, the officials saw the land for setting up the Logistics Park. During this, DK Havaldar of Warehousing Corporation informed Collector Priyank Mishra about the proposed logistics hub in 85 acres. Told that the work of preparing an action plan for the construction of a multi-media logistics hub in Simra is being done by the Mumbai-based company and the first phase of action has been completed by the company.

Collector Priyank Mishra says that the proposed site was inspected on Tuesday for the construction of a logistics hub. The officials have been told that apart from 85 acres, other nearby land should also be secured now. If the park is constructed in the coming time, then there will be more expansion and in such a situation, work should be done keeping in mind that there should be no shortage of land. Logistic hub is just two km from where it is proposed. The border of Panna district starts from a distance and if the hub is formed then people of Panna district can also come to the park and open their shop. asked to make such arrangements.

Work going on at tortoise pace
- Along with Katni, facilities like cold store to warehouse, railway siding and truck hub were claimed to be provided while making logistic hub at Bina. The logistics hub was set to operate under the Public Private Partnership model.
Madhya Pradesh's Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Minister Bisahulal Singh had once again talked about the establishment of a world-class multi-modal logistics hub in November 2020.

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