Professor Sanjay Dwivedi said, Indianization of media will create a value-oriented society

Professor Sanjay Dwivedi said, Indianization of media will create a value-oriented society

 When we connect with spirituality, we get away from selfishness and such a value based lifestyle brings us closer to humanity. But due to the increasing influence of foreign media on Indian media, negativity is also being perceived as a value. Only with the Indianization of the media, positive values ​​will be inculcated in it and it will be possible to build a value-oriented society. This view was shared by the Director General of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Prof. Sanjay Dwivedi expressed this in a seminar organized by Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya on the topic 'Role of teachers and journalists in building a value based society'.

Speaking as the chief guest of the program, Prof. Dwivedi said that the value sense of the media is also the same, which is the value sense of the society. Society also needs to be healthy, authentic and transparent. Only such a society can build a strong nation and lead the world.

Positive communication is most needed in society today: Anuradha Prasad

Expressing views as the special guest of the event, Director of 'News 24' channel Anuradha Prasad said that the media has united the whole of India in the thread of unity. Today, the most needed in the society is the need for positive communication. Media values ​​are getting compromised behind the number of likes and dislikes in social media. It needs to be stopped.

On this occasion, Brahmakumari Asha, Director, Omshanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram said in her video message that the biggest question today is whether we are taking forward the values ​​given by the teachers? He said that when we imbibe in ourselves the basic principles like 'Don't take revenge, show it by changing', 'Don't give sorrow or take sorrow', 'Take happiness, give happiness', 'Have good feelings and wishes for all', then we Seeing other people will start doing the same. This is called teaching by conduct.

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