Roe and Wade, whose names are these? What was that historic decision that was overturned by the SC of America

Roe and Wade, whose names are these? What was that historic decision that was overturned by the SC of America

The US Supreme Court on Friday abolished the old law on the constitutional right to abortion. The US Supreme Court has overturned the landmark 1973 decision in which women were given the constitutional right to abortion. In fact, after the 'Roe vs Wade case in America, abortion was legalized (with rules) all over the country.

Now after this decision of the US SC, the discussion has started once again in the countries of the world regarding the abortion law. There is discussion everywhere about whether a woman has the right to have an abortion? This topic is at the center of social debate.

Different types of reactions are being expressed in different countries regarding this decision. Let us understand what was the 'Roe vs. Wade case' of five decades ago, whose verdict has now been reversed?

who is jane roe and wade

When you read 'Roe Vs Wade Case', the question that comes to your mind is who are these two and what happened in that historical case of 1971... So let's tell you...

Jane Roe was born in the year 1947 in Louisiana. His childhood was very stressful. Actually, Jane Roe's mother was a single parent. Jen Roe's real name is Norma McCarvy. She started drinking alcohol from a very young age. According to the information, she was only 16 years old when she got married. She became pregnant but got divorced from her husband before giving birth to the first child. He handed over the first child to his mother after birth. After this, when Jane turned 20, she became pregnant for the second time. This time she gave up the child for adoption, but when she became pregnant for the third time at the age of 22, she did not want the child this time.

Jane Roe decided to have an abortion. However, the biggest challenge was that abortion was not allowed in Texas, America, except in some special circumstances. Now Jane Roe only had the option of going to court. He knocked on the door of the court, but by the time the court ruled in this case, Jane had given birth to her third child. However, he also gave his third child for adoption.

In 1970, a lower Texas court declared the law unconstitutional after Jane challenged the anti-abortion law in court. However, the Texas government did not like this decision of the lower court and appealed against it to the higher court.

This is where the entry of a man named Henry Wade takes place in the story. Henry Wade was the District Attorney of Dallas County, Texas at that time. That is, the side of the government was being kept in this matter. For this reason, this case came to be known as 'Row Vs Wade'.

The argument in court for two years
The hearing on the 'Row Vs Wade case continued for two years. In 1973, a historic decision came in this case. The case was heard by a nine-judge bench, of which seven judges ruled in favor of Jane Roe, while two judges were in favor of the Texas government.

What was said in that historic judgment?
In the case of 'Row Vs Wade' in 1973, abortion was divided into three parts. According to the decision, there was complete freedom of abortion in the first three months, while abortion was allowed from the third to the sixth month with certain health regulations. After this, abortion was banned except the sixth to the ninth month.

Now it is important to know here that under the US Constitution, the states are allowed to make their own separate laws. In such a situation, no state of America was bound by this law. However, gradually it was implemented in many states and American women got the constitutional right to abortion.

Amendment in the law in the year 1992

In 1992, some changes were made to this law giving American women the constitutional right to abortion. The Supreme Court removed the three-trimester system and gave complete freedom to abortion till the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Now how the matter reach SC again

In fact, in the year 2018, the US state of Mississippi enacted a new law regarding the abortion of women. According to the new law of the state of Mississippi, abortion is banned after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Now, this decision of the state of Mississippi came into controversy. The reason for this was that this decision was against the decisions of the Supreme Court of 1973 and 1992. For this reason, the Jackson Women's Health Organization filed a petition against this decision.

Once again the issue of right to abortion got stuck in legal troubles. In November 2018, the District Court overturned the Mississippi state law. After this, the case of 15 weeks reached the Supreme Court. And now the Supreme Court has ruled on this.

Now, what did the Supreme Court say?

The Supreme Court has now overturned the historic decision of that 'Roe vs Wade case' of 1973. The US Supreme Court has given the decision in favor of the Mississippi government. The court has declared the decision in 'The Roe v Wade case' unconstitutional. According to reports, 5 out of 9 judges recommended changing the verdict in the Roe vs Wade case.

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