September rain gift to Rajasthan, good water came in 38 dry dams in 15 days

September rain gift to Rajasthan, good water came in 38 dry dams in 15 days

Great news has come amidst the torrential rains in Rajasthan. During the 15 days of rains this month, so far 38 dry dams in the state have received water. At the same time, the number of fully filled dams in Rajasthan has also increased from 120 to 142. In this also a big disclosure has been made that the rain of the last six days has left behind the figure of normal rainfall and the inflow of water into the dams has also increased during this period. The biggest benefit has been in the total filling capacity of the dams of the state. Till last month, water in dams was 59.33 per cent of the total filling capacity, which has now increased to 63.26 per cent. That is, an increase of 3.93 percent has been registered in the filling of dams within these 15 days. The dams received 496.15 million cubic meters of water in 15 days, which is much higher than last September's rainfall. During the monsoon last year, only 1.6 per cent of the water had arrived in September so far.

According to the
Water Resources Department, two times in September, a low pressure area has formed in the Bay of Bengal and due to this, the eastern part of Rajasthan has received heavy rains. Talking about last month, 281 dams in Rajasthan out of total 727 dams above and below 4.25 MQM were dry and it was believed that they would be filled only in the next monsoon. The heavy rains of September brought down the figure of 281 to 243. Amidst 15 days of rain in the state, 38 dry dams got water and many became inundated. Right now the heavy to very heavy monsoon rains are yet to come and it is believed that more than 30 dry dams may have water inflow. If this happens, the fishermen will benefit the most. Because he has also taken contract of fish water in many dry dams of Rajasthan.

Thus increased the number of fully filled dams In Rajasthan, the number of fully filled dams reached 120 last month. When water was not coming in dry dams itself, which was believed that it is difficult to increase the number of fully filled dams. But after the onset of heavy rains, the days of the dams also turned and during the last week's rain, the number of fully filled dams jumped from 120 to 142. In view of the possibility of heavy to very heavy rains in the coming days, the Water Resources Department believes that the number of fully filled dams can cross 150.

Dams of Kota division filled with 95 percent If we talk about the filling of dams division wise in Rajasthan, it is known that Kota division has seen maximum water inflow. According to the Water Resources Department, till last month, 91.4 percent of the total filling in 87 dams of Kota division was 3966.25 MQM water, which has reached 95.1 percent with 4123.97 MQM till September 15.

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