Some countries are adopting new methods of war to increase global domination

Some countries are adopting new methods of war to increase global domination

In a recent seminar organized by the Indian Navy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for self-reliance in defense matters for 21st century India. "National security is no longer limited to borders, it is much broader," he said. As India establishes itself on the global stage, we are under constant attack through misinformation and propaganda. We have to deal with the challenges under the vision of the government. We have to thwart the efforts of those forces who want to harm India's interests. There is no doubt that wars are no longer fought only on borders. Earlier fighting was done with the help of weapons that were brought to the battlefield. But from 1990 onwards a new aspect of the war emerged. The war started on the economic front of the world.

Cyber ​​attack is also China's clever trick: This war is being fought with a skilled weapon to bring the market forces under their control through better technology. America, Japan, Britain, China, France, Germany, and some countries of Southeast Asia are involved in this war. The purpose of this war is to get more and more money through trade from other countries. The biggest challenge before us today is how we as a nation are successful in this new type of war being fought from behind. The Internet has now emerged as a big weapon in this matter. China has used the Internet and related things unethically to wage war. Making the coronavirus a weapon, without bullets and ammunition, has brought its competing countries to their knees, as has been seen during the last two years. Similarly, the cyber attack on Australia in the past was also a clever trick of China. This attack was done experimentally so that China could know its capabilities. Therefore, the government should reduce its dependence on foreign technology keeping in view the larger interests of the country. Especially with the technology of a crooked, cunning, and treacherous country like China, we should always be alert.

China increased foreign exchange reserves: According to American economists, Chinese goods filled in the world market are the product of China's monetary fraud. In fact, China had understood long ago that its dominance in the world market could be established only with the help of currency games. Therefore, it has flooded the world market with its goods by increasing its exports through the weak yuan. In fact, from the very beginning of its economic reforms, China had made a policy of devaluation of its currency yuan to win the export ground. His policy was successful. Its exports started increasing due to cheap currency. China does not allow the supply of dollars in its market to increase. The dollars that Chinese exporters bring to China are bought by China's central bank, keeping the yuan at a lower price against the dollar. China has increased its foreign exchange reserves only by increasing exports.

Cyber ​​War: China's occupation of the world's cyberspace is also increasing. Many countries of the world including the US, UK, EU, and India are suffering from the Chinese 'cyber war'. The cyber war has started between the hackers of Western countries and China. This is evidenced by the fact that in the last decade, there were cyber attacks on many military institutions in the US and India.

New world related to computer network: China wanted to put itself in a position of profit in case of cyber war in the future. This is the reason why it has increased its activities in cyberspace. Meanwhile, US officials have submitted a report to the government regarding the hacking. It said that Chinese hackers have increased cyber attacks on Congress and other US agencies. In fact, China started breaking into America's computer networks through its military hackers in the year 2003 and sometimes succeeded in hacking the networks of institutions like NASA. Later he started hacking even Google. The next decisive battle in this new world involving the Internet and computer networks will be cyber warfare because all information is stored in computer networks and the Internet is the most important means of information exchange. China is far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of information technology.

India is one of the leading countries in the world in the field of information technology. But it still lags behind China in terms of broadband usage and the number of internet users. China's cyber war is a big challenge not only in front of India but also in front of the world. Having faith in themselves, the forces that are harming India's interests, whether at home or abroad, have to thwart their every effort. People should also pay attention to this important aspect to protect the country. We have to intensify our war against forces challenging India's self-confidence, and our self-reliance.

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